Manker T02

My usual concern regarding parasitic drain is even more bothersome this time. I don’t think you can easily break contact by twisting the tailcap one turn or so; you really need to take the batteries out if I’m not mistaken. No point in low self discharge Eneloops if the light eats a lot of juice in standby.
I do love the design very much though; definitely interested.

I’ve had the T01 for quite a while now and been very happy with it. Great output on just one Eneloop, which is what I load it with most of the time. (Also impresses the muggles using the regular junk lights usually associated with AAs and sold in hardware shops and supermarkets. Lol)

I actually don’t mind the look of the T02 shown in the fb clip above. A bit industrial maybe but it seems that maybe ergonomics might have won out over “smooth and sleek appearance”. Which is fine - do we really need another Apple Inc in this industry?

The topic of a side-by-side AA format comes up now and again both here and “the other place” and usually attracts some interest. A single AA light is OK but having 2 x AA instead means the driver doesn’t have to work quite as hard to boost the output and runtime will be much better. It’s just that nothing much has historically been made in this form factor.

I’d be interested in a couple depending on it getting a favourable review. (Of course, a M4D M4X code would sweeten the deal even further - thanks Martin! O:) )

my blog members have access to Manker deals already ;)

If Manker makes this with the right UI and price…I will be tempted! But damn, it is UGLY as hell :smiley:
Thanks for sharing mate :wink:

I can not see video.

Does it have usb recharging?

no charging (2S and possible Alkaleaks inserted could be dangerous)

Looks pretty good to me. Unique.

Design could be improved if he made the tailcap screw flush and put a side USB port to charge the batteries without removing them.

And an option for a momentary tailcap for use with pressure pads and redesign the clip section to be able to attach a picatinny adaptor for use with rifles…

I kind of like it… and 800 lumens off two AA is impressive. :THUMBS-UP:

Since the cells are in series, I am not sure charging them in the light is a good idea.

This is like the Fiat Multipla or Pontiac Aztec of flashlight, looks kinda like an adult toy…

Maybe it has a dual purpose. Is there a ‘vibrate’ function?

Definitely interested if it can produce 800 lumens with 2xAA. I just hope they don’t group turbo with blinky modes. Blinky modes should be hidden. That’s the reason why I don’t buy Manker lights anymore.

Also hope it’s not glued and easy to swap emitters. I would love to put a 219B 9080 or LH351D in there.

i hope its fit for bike light
2 AA + reflector lens
and great UI (slow flash)

All I can say at this point is I like the looks of it. Will wait for a decent review to choose to buy or not. But as of right now, I want one.

Fiat Multipla….world‘s ugliest car ever! Michael Schumacher surely regrets his participation into this advertisement until today.

I like it. Shame Manker don’t do group buys.

Yeah, it’s not a great-looking light, but I’ll welcome any innovation in the AA category. At 800 lumens, it’s competitive with most 1x18650 lights, especially if they make it current-controlled (which would be an improvement over most budget 18650 lights). Hopefully, it can sustain the full 800 lumens, even if it drains the batteries fast.

I like it, any news about when it will go on sale? New photos or videos?

I upload later