Manker Titanium Timeback

Edit: Addes some more pics…

Quite the looker :star:

Since it’s a semi highend “looker”—-I really wish some of the body grooves
had been designed to hold trits.
This light could really be dressed up….

Do you have that baby there? If you do...hide it cuz I'm coming over! LOL

Nice pic Krono! And Nice looking light. I think banggood is going to send me one for review ;)

Not my pic. I’m definitely drooling over it, though!

I think Manker hired Ben Kenobi as their designer.

Chibi, can’t you tell by how the branding is all lined up that it’s a factory prop shot? lol

Krono, shame on you! Aren’t you single handedly doing ENOUGH damage to our billfolds already?

Hey Dale, not sure about that.. I think Krono can do that as well!

Or not Krono?

Not yet :bigsmile:

:star: :star: :star: :star: :star:

Me? What did I do J)

Added more pics to the OP. Can you tell I love the looks of this light? :slight_smile:

This light refreshes parts other lights cannot reach (sorry Heineken). Just kidding, I don’t think you can ignore this light, you either hate it or you want it. It could be something ET left behind when he (she?) returned to home. Or the Predators. It gives me goose-bumps. But in this community you don’t cut it solely on good looks. The “force” has to be on par. So I’m quite curious what the performance will be. Waiting for the first review.

I have a little box of “the force” that fits in lights like these, just in case…. :wink:

Bring it!

Edit: Ok, so it works through a twisting of the collar? Magnetic ring?



Just say the mantra “Om mani peme hung”, or in good English: Om(mmmmmmmmmm).

I received my light in the UK from China 4 days after the notification of posting. This after paying GB less than $3 extra for express posting- a new record from China.
To say the light is stunning is an understatement, had this been made by any of the revered custom makers in the States and elsewhere ( and I have a few samples of their work ) it would have cost many hundreds of dollars, it really is of a similar standard.
The container itself is beautifully made, it screws together with deep substantial threads and has a seal to make it watertight. the walls of the container are approximately 6mm thick and are made from a lustrous alloy of some kind. Inside it has solid plastic holders at each end to contain the flashlight tightly and stop rattling, it weighs a huge 173 gms. Even the Lanyard is a cut above the average. All in all its a really well made cylinder for which I would happily part with $30-40- its that good.
As to the light itself I can’t fault it. The machining is flawless, the LED properly centred, the clip is thick and strong. The UI is the first of this type I have encountered with ‘off’ between each stage but I’m beginning to like it. The selection ring moves smoothly with a distinctly felt but not heard click as it centres on each level. This is a heavy, solid light (134 gms with battery) which appears indestructible. Although I can’t imagine using it as an EDC it is certainly capable of it.
The claimed brightness levels seem if anything underestimated using an AW icr123 750 mAh. The low setting is a little high to be a true moonlight mode- its lower using a cr123.
Everywhere you look the manufacturing is exquisite, it looks like Manker have really tried to make this one a shining example of there abilities and workmanship.
Re-reading the above it looks like I am writing it on behalf of Manker, but frankly had I paid $300+ for this light I would not have been disappointed.
The Chinese are not catching up with the rest of the worlds manufacturers- they have caught up! I have lights made by Torchlab, Jil Lite, HDS, Malkoff, BitZ, Peak, Lupine, WiseLED and many more top makers this light is in that bracket.
I do not flatter myself that I am capable of a full review of this light, I will leave that to the excellent reviewers already active on BLF, I just needed to tell people how good this was!

I received my Timeback today and I have to say, I’m not totally pleased to it… :~
Being Manker’s “top-of-the-line” light, the quality of the finish could have been better. There are some machiningmarks and light scrathes on my light. The scrathes are probably quite easily polished away, but still…
Otherwise I’m happy with it. The UI is a bit different and the hidden blinkymodes really are hidden! It took me a while to figure them out… Thankfully!
The magnetic mode selector has the right kind of “pricey” feel to it and the packaging is nice in all its simplicity.
It’s a really hefty piece of titanium, I got 117 grams without battery, so the lightness of titanium goes a bit waste with this one, but hey! You get a lot of it! :bigsmile:
Maybe one thing I would have changed, is the tint. Could’ve been bit warmer… Even the crude clip somehow fits to the otherwise polished finish.

How much did they rip, uh, charge you for it?

I see Manker killed off a CPF group buy:

Manker Timeback Titanium Alloy - Great price! | Candle Power Flashlight Forum!

group buy on….

Manker killed a group buy for the Timeback at BLF and at CPF. A new group buy is going on at both sites…