Manker U11 Problems (brown box version)

Edit #2: So far many people have reported similar issues with the brown boxed Manker U11, mostly from FT:

-Auto shut down on turbo after a couple minutes
-Auto on after disconnecting from USB (jumps to low mode selector)
-Front bezel with no cutouts (perhaps just a cosmetic variation)
-Not water resistant

Feel free to chime in if you have received a U11 with one these issues.

Edit #1: Fasttech has agreed to send me a replacement after I return my light to an address in Miami FL (They will cover shipping fees).

I received my U11 from fasttech today, and I think I got a defective unit.

In any of the turbo modes in normal and pro group, it only stays on for 30-60 seconds. No step down, no warning of any kind, it just turns off. After that, I have to wait about 10 seconds to turn it on again. The same happens at hidden turbo. Tried both fully charged 30Q and GA, no luck.

I suspect the internal temperature protection is somehow messed up, because it stays on longer when started cold.

Here’s a video showing this rare behavior:

Yeah, that is not supposed to happen. Send them the video and prep for some customer service circus and get a new light or a refund…

The UI doesnt even have a timer like Olight that could go bad…

Good luck and let us know the outcome…

I was hoping for some possible self solution to this, maybe a hidden non-auto-shut-off group… It’s a shame it didn’t worked, such a nice light… even draws 3.7A at the tail.

Will contact FT and see if they are willing to pay the return fee once they process my refund, I really don’t feel like keeping it without being able to fix it. If they don’t want the light back, I might just do a giveaway to someone who can get it working again.

Then I’ll probably get the ZL SC600 MK3 instead.

If you get a refund or replacement, I say you take it apart for educational purposes. That’s what I would do. I’ve been wanting to see what the driver looks like. Who knows, maybe it would be moddable after all.

Does the front bezel on yours have cutouts for screwing it in and out? I could not tell in the video. Some members have had bezels that were loose too…

No cut outs in my light, but the bezel is pretty loose.

When I had defective items Fasttech just had me send them to a place in Florida. After I sent them a copy of the postage receipt they sent me replacements right away. I can’t recall but I seem to remember them giving me credit for the postage, but it was many years ago and I can’t recall for sure.

My defective Manker U11 is also from Fasttech. I’ve contacted Fasttech about my issue about a week ago, and they responded two days later asking for pictures. I’ve sent them pictures, then they asked for more picutres, which I’ve sent again. Now they asked for videos of the problem, which I sent again.

All this work IMO is already worth more than the cost of the flashlight. I really like the flashlight a lot though. Even more than my Zebralight SC600 MKIII HI.

I’m thinking of ordering another one from the group buy here, but worried about getting another defect. I also visit Candlepowerforums, and others have reported problems with this light too. If there was a USA vendor that sells this light, I would definitely order another from them.

I hope this is the case with me. If it is, I would order from Fasttech again.

They never asked me for pictures or in fact any proof of the defective items. It seems they are not as good as before with respect to defective things :frowning:

Sorry to hear that… do your light has the same problem? and somehow they repetitively asking for evidence is kinda expected, I bet they don’t do this to actually confirm a non-working light, but just making sure the customer is not trying to get a free light through false claims. I know this is not the case but it has happened before, can’t really blame them…

I already sent them 2 pictures and 1 video, maybe tomorrow I will flood their message system with way more, this way they won’t even bother to ask. (I hope) :wink:

FT didn’t had any stock by the time I ordered (during CNY) and maybe they got a defective batch, probably would have received a working unit if I had ordered somewhere else.

Mine does turn off from turbo, though it rarely happens, and when it does, it takes about 2 minutes.

Mine has lots of other issues:
-Low1 and med1 is way too bright.
–1 out of maybe 30 times instead of going to moonlight from off, it’ll cycle through all the low modes until I turn it off.
-Taking it off the built in charger puts it on this same weird state.
-The battery level indicator always shows full (4 flashes) even with battery at 3.6V.
-Not waterproof. Water getting into the head/bezel.

I went ahead and ordered another from BangGood. I really like the light, hopefully I get a good one. If Fasttech replaces mines, maybe I’ll give it away.

@will34, what color was your Manker U11 box? Mine came in a brown cardboard box, unlike the black one I see in all the reviews.

Anybody considered that these lights are either all-out counterfeits or poorly made “ghost shift” lights? I can’t figure out how there’s so many of these lights out there with the same issues, including something like not machining the cutouts into the bezel for unscrewing.

That is what I was thinking too. It seems that Manker and Banggood have a relationship, but Fasttech is just a buyer.

I certainly seems that this batch of FT U11’s was not up to snuff. I got the one in for review from Banggood and was pleasantly surprised (except for the clip, that was a disappointment) but these do not look to be that well done.

Try to change the battery, may be battery protection

Wow… I didn’t even realize there were supposed to be cutouts, mine is just flush, and was loose.

Thanks but I was using high drain unprotected cells, and if the over current protection were to trip, it would have done it much sooner.

Would you like to confirm if there has been a bad batch or something? Because many users are reporting similar issues, not only here but also on CPF.

My box was brown too. I was surprised because every single review they had the black slim box instead.

There is no way these are counterfeit, the HA is perfect and everything fits just right, at least in my sample it was. I disassembled the light and the internal components are identical to what was shown by others, marking on the driver and all… My best bet is that many units in this batch of brown boxes have defective drivers.

BTW, fasttech has agreed to send me a replacement as long as I send it back to their address in Miami, and they will also cover the shipping costs. Kudos to FT for quick and effective CS.

Wow I hope I get the same treatment. If so, they’ll be getting a lot more orders from me. I got a reply from them yesterday saying they will review my videos.

Could still be “ghost shift” units - made in Manker’s factory using Manker’s supply of parts, just “off the clock” with little care and no qc. Its not uncommon in China. Defective drivers are one thing but I just can’t figure out how they managed to build the lights using lens retaining rings that were incompletely machined. And there’s at least quite a few of them out there like that. Makes no sense.

I’m glad FT is taking care of you though. Its really a very nice light when its right.

Mine also came in a brown box, one thing that may interest some who like neutral tints is that it has a little sticker on it with a tick box for the factory to show if the light has 1A or 3D

Will34 saved me the bother of trying to post a pic as this sticker can be seen in his picture of the box.

That said not sure how a person would order a different tint as I haven’t seen U11s for sale with the choice!

Mine also has no notches in bezel but has cut outs in switch retaining ring to aid unscrewing?

I am lucky again as these four cut outs in switch ring can be seen in Will34s video.

I also have no notches in the bezel…but 4 notches in the switch retaining ring. Judging from the smooth anodizing and beautiful finish on the stainless steel and flawless reflector, these are unlikely counterfeits. I do agree these (ones from FT) are different from what was reviewed before.

Only “issue” I have noticed is that the light will turn on when I unplug the charger. Oh and my bezel was a little loose but that was easy enough to fix (cutouts would have been helpful though).

I will take a better look tonight for some of the other problems mentioned in this thread.