Manker U11 Problems (brown box version)

what is the first flashlight you used on this video?

Xtar B20.

i thought it was known that it comes on after USB disconnect.
i wasn’t surprised when mine did it, anyway, i read it somewhere, maybe a review

I won a Manker U-11 over at sister forum TFF in September GAW. It was sent to me direct from Manker in the brown box. It does come on after USB disconnect also. So it appears this it is not a flaw afterall ? To my knowledge, Manker has not responded to this so called flaw/observation.

No bezel cut outs.
No spare usb port cover was included.
Steps down properly.
All modes and customizable levels are perfectly functioning.
No complaints.

it is kind of annoying to have it come on after unplugging
maybe they fixed that

i have also tried to write them about various things and they do not respond

i like my U11 except it is MUCH bigger than DQG tiny IV, and the UI is exactly backwards
so it is very hard to swap between the 2 lights

consequently i do not use the U11 much, but i do like it! :slight_smile:

it;s brighter than the DQG and of course the built in charging, moonlight mode
i never use the ‘tech modes’ or whatever they are called
there needs to be a way to get to TURBO (not ‘annoying blink mode i never use’) from any level, including OFF


No, they didn’t fix it if my latest sample is any sort of reference. So, that’s why I wonder if it was a flaw. The driver seems to recognize the charge disconnect as an ACTUAL switch activation. Inquiring minds would like to know. Like I said, Manker never acknowledged it to my knowledge. By the way they run their business, I wonder if THEY even know. :open_mouth:

Am I the only lucky with broken 2nd mode?
Havent check all extra modes yet, just can see visible blinking (very low pwm freq.) on the second mode “from the box” (first is moonlight) and after turbo-heating again problems just with same mode, it just start to blink every 1-2 seconds.
Brown box, gearbest, no bezel cuts.

I hae seen this behavior being spun as “find it when the power fails” — feature, not bug.

I got a U11 from GB and mine also has issues. Can someone confirm the tail cap current in turbo? I can’t get mine to draw more than 2.3A. Also, the printing seems to be messed up. With the light pointing left, and the button to the top, I get the non-manker side. Pointing right with the button to the top, I get the manker brand, but it’s upside down. My bezels have no notches and the light turns on when disconnected from USB. The only thing I really care about is the tail voltage. Not being able to get full brightness from the light is irritating.

The flush bezel and auto turn on after USB disconnect seem to be normal behavior for all U11s, but I think the current draw was close to 3A, will measure mine and let you know.

Are you using high current leads for your multimeter?


It’s not the flush bezel, but the lack of notches in it. The early reviews I saw had notches, see here

I found this post suggesting it hits 3.6A on turbo.

I only have one set of leads for my multi-meter, though I think they are capable up to 10A. The multi-meter I’m using is the UNI-T UT139C which seems to be a good quality budget unit.

Edit - I just measured my Convoy C8 and that was only hitting 2.3A as well (should be 2.8A I believe), so maybe the leads are a problem.

I’ve also received a faulty U11 from Fasttech. Mine seems to have two separate faults as shown in these YouTube links:

Fault 1

Fault 2

I believe Manker responded that it is not a fault at all. If it happened in real life, and your power to household is lost, the light will turn on so you can find it in the dark. :slight_smile:

Both Youtube videos are the same are they not? Both show light turning on after disconnecting from charger.

No, second video shows blink in moon after some time in turbo.
Have problem 1 but cant recognize second one.

All have problem 1 including my sample and Manker stated it was by design. Don’t know if that is absolute truth or not. :innocent:

Problem 2 would seem to be random driver defect?

I emailed Manker about the first problem (light turning on after disconnecting USB) and this was the response:

“Thanks for your detailed feedbacks.
I’ve forwarded your messages to the engineers.
By the way, we’ve stopped the cooperation with Fasttech for a long time.
But still hope they can solve your issue smoothly as you purchased the light from them.

Yours sincerely,

Does this then imply that it is a fault?

I think it is by design since my Nitenumen TA02 does the same thing when it is finished charging.

Very strange.
I will have to see how Fasttech approach the replacing of the light. It’s been a couple of days since I contacted them with the issue, no response yet, they seem to drag there feet when it comes to aftercare support.