"Manta Ray C8.2" - Experiences?

just look at any equipment that uses heatsinks with no fans, ribs are at least 3\8 apart, and up to an inch long, in some cases even longer.

Why did they make that middle fin thicker than the others?? :confounded:

oooh, what a nice light!

It is very well built, I have to say.

- square threads

- anodised threads

- no sharp edges

- perfect Reflector (it’s C8 size, hence the name)

- big switch

- nice driver

- LED on copper

- flawless beam - no hole, just a tiny bit of yellow corona

- driver UI is very useable (no flash like the KD driver at low mode)

- Standard-C8 Lens, so the Convoy AR coated will fit (already ordered :P)

  • Convoy C8 bezel fits - but it’s a tiny little bit too small - you feel an edge between them - but it also looks kinda silly…

oneo minor flaw:

- The LED is glued in

  • as Jerommel stated, one of the fins is bigger as all the others which does look pretty weird

All in all - this light is even better than the “”KDIY K5”:https://www.aliexpress.com/store/product/KDIY-K5-Cree-XHP50-2-White-6500K-Neutral-White-5000K-Warm-White-3000K-2650-Lumens/708513_32805632129.html” - even the beam poattern is much nicer (better hotspot - but it’s also OP vs. SMO)

Glad to read this as ordered one last week from a different source…cause I need yet another light! LOL

Can’t wait till I get it! (Slow boat from China.)

Kaidomain has been offering a c8.2 xhp50 for a few months now. I have several and they are quire good! Aliexpress has been pretty bad for me.


To avoid anyone’s confusion with what wstrachan wrote above, I wanted to point out that, although the name is the same, the KD C8.2 has the traditional C8 body style and looks nothing like this light, the Manta Ray C8.2 is a completely different looking light, and fits 26650 cell.


Somewhat similar to KD K5S but with knurling and no stainless bezel, there’s also an SST-40 version:

XHP-50.2, 4-mode, no blinkies, 3A High mode…$33.49

SST-40 Version, 3-mode, no blinkies, 5A High…$29.50


For anyone else who doesn’t like Aliexpress the Manta Ray C8.2 is available on ebay (only the complete light w/XHP50.2, not the host):


(All links are Non-Aff, I’m not affiliated with the seller in any way)


HOST AVAILABLE…choice of OP or SMO reflector…$21.65

Feedback for Manta Ray storefront on Aliexpress…

(New thread just posted): Manta Ray on Aliexpress

Seems that getting a decent budget oriented XHP50.2 1x26650 light is not an easy task. Would like to see a comparison between the KD K5S and the Manta Ray 8.2. Both have precisely the format Im looking for (C8 size reflector and 1x26650) but both have kind of deal-breakers for me.

The K5S offers steel bezel, OP or SMO reflector and also your choice of tint. However I find it really ugly, especially when compared to such classic designs like the Convoy M2. Not to mention the cheesy looking red O rings, green tailcap and smooth body with no manufacturer engravings.

The stock Manta Ray C8.2. has only SMO reflector by default, no choice of tints, but it looks better in my opinion. For some weird reason the manufacturer had to make one of the cooling fins thicker than the rest, ruining the looks somewhat.

Does anybody know how they differ performance wise, and which one dumps heat better? Manta ray says it has integrated design, does also K5S have it that way? Which one comes with better driver?

It seems you and I both have been around the forum lately looking for input on the Manta Ray C8.2 and so far we haven’t found much, probably just going to have to take a chance on it. I also like the looks of the Manta Ray better for the same reasons, but that one thicker fin doesn’t bother me, in fact I never even noticed it until I saw it pointed out in this thread.

I’m surprised you find the K5S ugly compared to the M2, to me the K5S looks like an M2 that takes a 26650 cell. Personally I don’t like either too much because of no knurling. Also the green tail switch boot is just a small cheap rubber part that can easily be swapped out with a black one, but you would have to remove the switch from the tail cap to do that.

The only things I’d like to see on the Manta Ray is a SS bezel and NW & WW tints, L4M4 pointed out in this thread (post #15) that a convoy bezel will fit, so when I get it I’ll try the convoy SS bezel, but it does look good all black too. It wouldn’t be difficult to swap the LED with a different tint if you can solder.

I’m probably going to get the host version and build it my way. L4M4 also noted it has square threads, which I’m happy about, and it I see the tail threads on the tube are anodized, so mechanical lockout will be possible. I recently ordered an F13 for a host but now I’m kind of sorry I didn’t get this host instead.


By the way the Manta Ray is available with OP reflector: (Chioce of either SMO or OP):
(There’s another C8.2 listing that only shows a SMO)


K5S does have integrated shelf design, as shown in this overview: Brief Overview of Kaidomain KDIY K5s

One difference in drivers was pointed out in this thread by L4M4 (also post #15), that it doesn’t have a flash going into Low that caused some complaints for the KD: “Driver UI is very useable (no flash like the KD driver at low mode)”

Here’s some info on the drivers, I suspect they’re pretty close to the same, maybe someone that knows drivers better will chime in and let us know more.


KD K5S uses the KD H1-A
I believe the Manta Ray C8.2 uses Manta Ray LC-15 because it’s the only driver they sell that matches up with that light/specs.

Here are the two drivers with links to compare:



KD H1-A 3A (20mm):
Very Lo(5) > Lo(35) > Med(65) > Hi(100) Hidden Strobe: Double Click
Memory function : ( > 3 secs)

MantaRay LC-15 3A (22mm):
Very Low(20mA) > Low (300mA) > Medium (1000mA) > High(3000mA) Hidden Strobe: Double Click
Memory function : ( > 2 secs)

I’m in the same boat; I am also looking for a 26650, and noticed the K5S and the C8.2. I wish the K5S had a host version available. I just impulse clicked the Acebeam EC50 gen III on Amazon as I wanted to try a XHP70.2 light. Thanks to this forum, I have purchased my first 4 LED lights in the last month!

Thrunite TC20 back in stock and shipping now, smaller size/lower cost than EC50 II.
I think the discount code is still active (not sure though) Thrunite TC20 - XHP70 - 3800lm

Can anyone confirm what the maximum driver size is on the C8.2 and the C12?

I have a spare XHP35 HD on a 20mm pcb that I want to pair with an OP reflector.



If it is the XHP35HI/XHP50.2 version, it should be 20-21mm.

The C8.2 linked in first post has this 22mm driver in it: https://www.aliexpress.com/store/product/22mm-3A-3000mA-1-cell-5Mode-Boost-Driver-Circuit-Board-for-Cree-XHP50-XHP50-2-6V/113294_32853667712.html?

I've been playing with the C8.2 host recently. Very nice host, capable of taking a lot of heat. First I used it with XHP50.2 - nice, but I didn't like the tint shift at corona edges. Then I swapped the emiter to XHP35. O yeah - this is it. Very nice throw with on OP ref, led driven at 1,5A/12V makes the host barely warm after 10 minutes.

The picture shows Manta Ray C8.2 with SMO ref and XHP35 driven @ 1,5A (4000K, 80CRI)

Nice! I’m interested in this host. Can you confirm what the driver bay size is? 20mm or 22mm??

The driver bay is 22mm. I put there 2 various 22mm drivers and none required filing or using sandpaper.
My only concern is the front glass. To me it looks like without AR layers.

Thanks for the feedback. I will just order a proper AR coated lens elsewhere. Otherwise, I’m definitely getting this host.

Manta Ray store on aliexpress has a 1 cell 22mm 4.8 amp xhp70 driver. It does come with spring installed.