Manually balancing a lipo pack; using a series pack as 1SxP?

I haven’t seen this mentioned anywhere before, nor have I done it yet, but it would make sense that if you bridged all of the positive contacts on a lipo packs balance connector, then connected the negative balance lead with the main pack negative lead, you would now have a pack wired in 1SxP, correcting any cell imbalance. This also would mean you could turn a 5,000mah 6s pack into a 30,000mah 1s cell.

This should work fine right?

Edit: this would not work as I described. I totally forgot how the balance leads are configured. DERP

Yes, it would work just as long as you make sure the lipo packs are not connected in series anymore.

This diagram should help:

Please be extra careful and make sure you know exactly what you’re doing before you connect or disconnect anything, as lipo packs and their following hazards should be taken very seriously.

Edit: Reading your post again, I just wanted to point out that there are no “positive contacts” on a balance plug. Each one is in between two cells in series.

For starters it is much more difficult because those are not positive ballance leads they are both positive and negative depending on how they are being read/used. There is one flashlight that curriently charges in parallel and discharges in series, it is very complicated and well engineered, it would take a lot of work to do the same with lipo packs.

It’s possible, but you’d first have to cut the connection between the cells before joining all the balance leads, or else you’d have a short across most of the cells. Be VERY careful when doing so; many half decent lipo packs can dump upwards of 50 amps under a dead short.

Some of the newer ones are more rediculous than that, 130c burst rates. Its insane, im looking at getting one or too for a project im working on.

Oh yea. Forgot how the balance plugs were configured. This would not work as I described. :bigsmile:

When you hook the cells in parallel, they will self balance (until you get a bad cell), with all cells tied together in such a fashion electrically they become ONE LARGE cell, there is no way to isolate or balance them individually w/o first electrically separating them

It’s worth a try… but first write me into your will. And set up a video camera. And leave instructions to whom it may concern so they can publish the video. A Darwin Award awaits you… J)