manufacturer of high power led flashlight

Hi, guys, it's great to see you people here!

This is hank from Long Lighting, we specialise in design and production

of high power led flashlight, rechargeable led flashlight, tactical flashlight ect.

E-catalogue and price list will be sent to you if needed!

Welcome. But you should read the site rule and post here. We can not help it, if you show us good light at a great price. Our cat will buy them for us.

Have you prepared any flashlight at special price for

Hello Hank,

Thanks for joining us here at

We're glad to connect with flashlight sellers and manufacturers, and we often do group buys and special customization projects with the most helpful Chinese companies. I moved your post to the Commercial Sellers' Spot, which is the correct place for this sort of commercial post.

Thanks again!
Best regards.

Hi Long-lighting welcome

where are your prices?

Hello, Long-lighting. I would like your E-catalogue and price list. I will send you my email adress via PM.

Oh, and welcome here at BLF!

Welcome, Long-Lighting.

Can you please tell me how much this battle mace costs?


Ha. That reminds me a Buttermilk Churner

Some interesting lights :

1. I guess whats important is price information + shipping cost ..

2. Volume - do you sell 1 light or is there a minimum order

3. If you have a good product , sending out a few for test-review can reall help spread the word

4. Are the lights available through .hk dealers such as

5. There are literally hundreads of unknown - untested flashlights comming from HK China , and some are better than others .

6. Having said that , a community like BLF can be a benifit to any manufacturer looking for exposure or feedback for there products , especially if they are looking for a leg up over the competition .

What the ? That might be classified as a weapon. I will have to have a look at their site

Some models are truly different from anything I´ve seen!

Not in a bad way.

I like the crown on this one...

Needs work.

Or they need to alter their descriptions.

That light is awesome! With that much thermal mass you should be able to DD an XM-L with an IMR16340 in it. I have heard of the “bomb” flashlight now we have the “grenade”.
LoL on the HID description though…

sry instant need to have one lol , i am serious this rocks , how are you selling these

oh and this

i could find this on the site - whats it about lol

seriously are these ready for sale - send a few of you best , put togethere a sample package or sell it

i like that top one

Thanks for your advice, and sorry for the misput!Embarassed

As we are the manufacturer, of course we can provid good flashlight with fine quality and competitive price!

I will send the price by PM to guys who like it, please note!

1. I will send the price list and shipping cost by PM to guys who like it, or plase leave your email address if needed.

2. I can sell it by single and mail it by UPS or DHL, but I'm afraid in that case, the shipping cost will be high comparing to the flashlight itself.

3. We do have good products exporting to Europe with the CE, ROHS ceretifacates, and our products are selling well in Germany.

4. Sorry, we are not selling through by now.

5. I agree with you, as you know, HK is the trade center instead of the the manufacture center, most of the products are from China Mainland.

6. Yes, I'm happy to be one member of BLF, and I will be around quite often.

You have quite excellent vision!

Yes, with the length of 310MM and strong aluminium head, this flashlight can be used for personal defence.

Thaks for your advice!Embarassed

Misput by the web administrator, this type should be tactical flashlight,

will revise right now!