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That is so cool. Pity the MC-E emitter. If it was XM-L and that's a 62mm head, that means THROW of at least 40k lux @ 1m.

Agreed on the XM-L part. That head might be 62mm though but the reflector sure isn't. Reflector is probably closer to 40mm in diameter. All that aluminum in the head pushes it to 62mm.

Still would like to see pics of the internals though. Hank, here are some examples from another site. the pics are all from the same particular light and are what we mean by internal photos of the lights.

these are the pictures I shoot today, maybe not as clear and specific as you expected, I will need to

improve my shooting skill with a better camera (expensive thoughTongue out). But, trust me, the flashlight is more

attractive than the picture itself.

As a manufacturer with a design and research team, we keep launching new products, I hope BLF will be

a bridge for us to introduce our product to all the flashlight hobbyists.

Ok, need to do the job in the factory next week!

You guys are really expert in flashlight, I really need to learn from you!Smile

who are some good reviewers on this forum

i think hank is looking for a candidate

anyone want to volunteer or throw their hat in the ring

i am not nearly qualified to do a comprehensive, technical review or critic

+1 to all that , even if i dont get some of it

lets get the testing units shipped and reviewed

Hank the gauntlet is down , thats an impressive list Be-Seen Triker made , can you do that ??

As much as I feel I am generally qualified to do a fair review on a sample light (and would love to!), I think Match would be the better choice because he has more sophisticated equipment for a full evaluation, such as his Integrated Sphere to measure true output. Old4570 would be another good choice.

Interesting -

Wow ! Where do I buy it from?

Hahaha, that sound too good to be true. :)

Hi Hank, I found this light interesting
Could you tell us the price give us some more and better pictures :)

How is Strivers Holding Co. LTD related to Nanjing Long Lighting Co Ltd?

hi,i wonder what is hot LED products in each country?
if someone know,kindly tell me,highly appreciate it.ths

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