Maratac AAA Copper Rev. 2 Is Coming

A little birdie told me that, somewhere near the end of this month, Maratac will be releasing a new Maratac AAA Copper flashlight.

This one will be a Rev. 2, with two modes. I think the sequence will be High—>Low, but don’t quote me on that.

-High mode, approx. 115 lumens output for up to 65 minutes
-Low mode, approx. 1.5 lumens output for up to 50 hours,

(by comparison, the Rev. 1 model was approx. 80 Lumens and 48 minutes on high)

Anyway I know these aren’t budget lights by any means, but I’m still very excited and will undoubtedly pick one up. I missed out on the first run of copper AAA lights, and it’s something I’ve always regretted.

My brother has one of the original copper ones and I must say it looks mighty fine after two years of use. Thanks for the heads up.

I like the original 3 mode , sure do hope they update it , but getting them international is a little tricky.

Man, the old one is a beauty!

I bet the price on a new one will be a bit higher.

Here’s an excerpt from my email conversation with a vendor:

“Its true. Production has begun on a new batch of Cu AAA’s. They will be the same flashlight body but be Rev. 2 version with more lumen output and a low-high switch.


At this point there will not be an AA version. The AAA’s are expensive to manufacture do to extreme material loss. Those pens are milled from forged bar stock on a 5-axis milling machine. Copper is very hard to mill because it “galls” easily in the milling process, which is why no one ever attempted to make a copper pen or flashlight before CC did with the first production runs of each. They did not want to make another run of the AAA’s until [someone] guaranteed [to take on half of the stock].”

Last post is about a half year ago :frowning:
Meanwhile i doubt a new version of this beauty will be released…

My last post was just over a couple of weeks ago.

And they are going to do a Maratac Rev. 2 in copper. I have it on very good authority that this is the case and my “source” is very trustworthy. :wink:

Oh sorry, i confuse the date of joining.
So good news, but will there be problems with int. shipping?

None, if you are willing to use the services of

This fella ships overseas, and his service is fantastic:

Either that or you could enlist the help of a fellow forumer.

I’m very encouraged by this news.

This was a very cool AAA light back then, and still has a place in the market IMO.

Looks like they’re here. 8)

Yes, they are here! Well, at least the three of them that I snagged. Took 4 days to arrive (I ordered them Sunday night). I haven’t had much time to play with it, yet.

They look really nice. I need to figure out how to remove the clip without screwing it up… I hate clips.

Does anyone who has one see a difference in the clip. Their site says “New Stronger Clip”. Does this mean it just thicker metal or a redesign of some kind? I’m glad I just saw this thread. I was sad I missed v1.

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Did you try this guy?

I have a few things to sell off before I buy—hope they don’t run out before then!!! lol

WHY, did I click on this thread?

This one is a True Beauty

I've wanted one since the last time they "sold out"

I want one but I don’t ‘need’ one. I have a short list of lights I want and the old one was on it. Would love a new one with the two modes, seems better for EDC.

I’m in the same boat except I wish these had a medium mode. Maybe I’ll just use that as reason to pass on it and stick with my LD01.

It will be interesting how well/long that lovely copper finish holds up when I start carrying one in my pants pocket. Lets just say the environment down there tends to be fairly hostile to shiny/pretty things… :frowning: