Maratac copper AA, poll to make it happen

Massdrop link.

Happened to know this site, they have some great deals. I tried to do a poll on Maratac CR123, after some while, the deal really happened.

I'm counting on the AA now. Hope they can do it again.

I like the Maratac AAA brass…

One vote for each, the copper AA and the brass AAA.

I have had the copper AA for years, so I will not join, but it's a great light!!

I voted for brass AAA.

I voted for AA


Copper >>> Brass

Lead is not for handling.

I vote for the copper AA

Who voted for lead? :wink:

Voted! For both.


is the AA a clicky or a twisty ?

Its twisty.


I would like an AA Copper Maratac. Please let me know if anyone has one they want to sell me.

I have zero interest in Brass. It conducts heat and electricity only 25% as well as copper. In fact, Aluminum is twice as conductive of both heat and electricity, as brass.

“To enhance the ”machinability of brass”:Brass - Wikipedia, lead is often added in concentrations of around 2%. Since lead has a lower melting point than the other constituents of the brass, it tends to migrate towards the grain boundaries in the form of globules as it cools from casting. The pattern the globules form on the surface of the brass increases the available lead surface area which in turn affects the degree of leaching. In addition, cutting operations can smear the lead globules over the surface. These effects can lead to significant lead leaching from brasses of comparatively low lead content.”

I used to work in restaurants with brass hand railings. Don’t touch them before you eat dinner.

“”ordinary brass keys”:Attorney General Lockyer Sues Key Manufacturers Over Failure to Warn Consumers About Exposure to Lead from Keys in Violation of Proposition 65 | State of California - Department of Justice - Office of the Attorney General like you’ll find in your pocket or pocketbook to lock and unlock your house door – may expose you to the toxic chemical lead”

AA copper?

Yes please! with the same Driver and Nichia as the ReyLight Tools :+1: