March Giveaway, two lights, two winners, one thread. CLOSED- Winners Announced


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PM me with your full name and address, so I can send the light. You will not know which one, till you get it.

Here are two lights that were donated by another member, so that they could be modded and given away.

They both take an 18650. They are both XM-L leds, the stock ones that came in them.

As I said, they were sent to me, by a very generous member, for giveaways. All I did was to change the driver on the big head light and I changed a resistor on the 502b 501B driver. Well, ok, maybe heavier wires too.

Anyone who joined before March 1st. of 2014 can enter the giveaway.

Your post number is your lucky number. I will pick two winners sometime on 03-06-2014. That's Thursday, I believe.

Winners will be picked by

Have fun.

Thanks to both of you for the giveaway.

I’m in!

in thanks


But I am still … in. Thanks for the Offer OL and kudos to the donors …


Thanks O/L, and thanks to the donors also.

Am in.

Thanks to both O-L and the donor!

I’m in, but just barely! I joined just a few days before March 1. Thanks for the generosity!

Count me in, that big head one is really interesting looking.

In, thank you

Thanks for the giveaway, Old-Lumens & donor! :)

I'm in!

I’m in, thank you!

I’m in.


I just ordered one of those big head stainless tube lights from Aliexpress. Cost me $18.42 :bigsmile:
Was shipped out of China Feb 23 and hasn’t made it to the USA yet. Must be coming across by inflatable raft.
There is a new side clicky version out now.


I'm in for the first flashlight. If choose me for the second (it's a 501, not a 502), please use again. I don't like the 501 really much and think someone else will be happy with it :)

Thanks OL, I’m in…

I am in, thanks!!