MascaratumB’s entry – Old Lumens Contest 2019 - Modified Light Category [FINISHED on 8th February 2020]

Ahah, stitchery it is :wink:
I guess I never did something like this, but I do wanna try more things in this leather or in a thicker one!
Other than this, I’m like you, just some buttons now and then and that’s all :smiley:

Well, If I have the time…I may still make a holster for this light :stuck_out_tongue: Then I would have the full package :smiley:

This week arrived another piece for this flashlight!
The clip :wink:

Things are coming together and the mod is almost done!
The thing that needs to arrive to “close” it is the GITD gasket that I want to put in place before putting the optic on this light!

Nice. I’m curious to know how it feels with the leather sleeve :nerd_face:

I’m sure Justin would love your work here. Reminds me of the things he did.

Well, it feels nice and smooth, even in the part of the stitches, which are - naturally - more rough!
The sleeve gives a sense of continuity between the tailcap and the head, as it covers the battery tube and its grooves!

So far, even if hadn’t use it for a long period, I’m liking it!

BTW, that small part in the head, it will probably go out when I start using the flashlight clipped to a pocket. As it doesn’t have “walls” to stop it from sliding and as it is not super tight, it will probably go out in that situation!

Thanks for reading :wink:

Wow, that is very kind compliment :blush:
Even if I never met Justin here and only had the possibility to see his work in threads and videos, I feel that he lives through this forum’s works and members and in a certain I wanted to honour his memory with this mod. Even if it is not the most complex one, I feel happy for those words :blush:

Thank you!!!

So, Sunday I was bored and decided I wanted to do something for this modded light, that is almost finished!
I decided I could do a holster!

I picked some of the leather used to the host “sleeve”, a damaged leather belt, double face tape, orange paracord, a carabiner and a “stopper”.To make the holes I used a belt hole puncher.

I also attached the lanyard to the clip :wink:
I’ll let the photos speak by themselves!

Nice. :+1:

Thank you :wink:

Well done! :person_with_crown:

I like your consistent style. The leather on the flashlight tube and the leather of the holster leave no doubt that this flashlight belongs in this holster. The copper bead of the lanyard matches the orange cord as well.

Another very nice build thread with great descriptions, layout & images :+1:

Thank you :wink:

I tried to make things look like a “theme” with all the colours “matching” the overal set! I like orange and I think it was the best option for this mod, specially due to location/visualization aspects!

The holster is a plus but I thought it would fit well in the overall mod :wink:

The only thing that is yet to be assembled is the GITD gasket that has been delivered today and that I will probably put in this light tonight to finish the mod :wink:

Then…the beamshots :smiling_imp:

Thanks mate :wink:
Tried to do my best on that, even if sometimes I tend to mess up with too many photos :smiley:

BTW, the gasket was delivered at my home today! I’ll see it later and gonna put it on tonight :partying_face:
I’m happy :smiley:

Never too many pictures, it’s all we can judge the entries on, unless you invite us all over to see in person :smiley: :+1:

That would be a nice thing to do :wink:
But…for now I guess I will stay for the photos :stuck_out_tongue: It is easier than having a gathering here ATM :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m hoping for a sunny day and dark night to show you the “last” photos of this build tomorrow :blush:

Yesterday I received the last pieces for my mod :wink:
From CRX arrived a GITD gasket and a GITD tube (along with other stuff :heart_eyes: ) and as soon as I got them I installed them :partying_face:

The installation took me a while because the optics were not fitting the MCPCB very well, so I has to pull the MCPCB up, install the optic + gasket, and then “unglue” the driver to pull the wires down again. Then I mounted the head and glued the driver again :wink:

I also installed the GITD tube in the holster adding an extra piece of thinner “paracord” in 2 empty holes. I opted to put it in that place because it will help me on locating the holster if needed.

Later I will try to take some photos of the all “modding” set :wink: But for now…enjoy :smiley:

And it all worked after the rebuild. Nice. :beer:

Looks very nice, good job MascaratumB!

Nicely done. :+1:

Thank you all for looking and for your comments folks :wink:
And thank you for the inspiration that directly or indirectly you’ve been giving to me and to BLF member along time! “Drinking” from your knowledge and from your builds and mods was something that also helped me through this small modding path :wink:

The process of modding the Amutorch VG10 is now finalized!

In this post you’ll find (many) photos of the final products and also my balance of it! :smiley:

I will also pick my initial modding aims and check what was done and what was not :stuck_out_tongue:

This flashlight was: How I wanted it to be? What it is!
- Forward Tail Switch 1- Forward Tail Switch
2- Orange or Green tail cover
3- Bistro UI
4- 22 mm driver
5- 4 x Samsung LH351D 5000K 90 CRI or 4 Luxeon V 4000K 70CRI
6- Noctigon or Led4power MCPCB
7- Carclo 10622 or 10621
8- Titanium Stainless Steel pocket clip
9- Leather handle
10- Glowing gasket
11- GITD piece inlaid in the tailcap
12- some extras to be thought :p
2- DONE (Orange)
3- DONE (configured on mode 9)
5- DONE (Luxeon V)
6- DONE (led4power)
7- DONE (Carclo 10622)
9- DONE (call it “sleeve”)
10- DONE
11- DONE (orange tritium vial)
12- DONE (copper bead + lanyard, wood support, holster)

From this to that!


What can I say?
It turned out better than I could have thought! :slight_smile:
In the beginning I had the intention to modify a flashlight, and then I ended up modding it and “building” some other stuff creating a set.
Some important points from this process where I:

  • used several tools I had used before and bought new ones and learned how to use them;
  • borrowed my father’s help and tools in one occasion;
  • worked with materials I never used before, specially leather and waxed thread;
  • made some “stitchery” in MtnDon’s words (sewing and stitching) to make the flashlight sleeve;
  • made a copper bead;
  • installed a tritium vial for the 1st time;
  • recycled an old belt to make a holster;
  • recurred to BLF members as suppliers of materials for the mod;
  • had to improvise to get the job done;
    *…had fun and learned :wink:

This is it! It’s done now :partying_face:

Now, some photos of the flashlight, the wood support and the holster, and also the beam and the glowing parts :wink:

Beam Profile!

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to test it outside, so here are some inside beamshots! (WB 5000K)

To make these beamshots I temporarily configured the flashlight on the mode 8 (8 levels) + moonlight, so below you have 9 beamshots showing the progression of luminosity.
The battery used was a not fully charged Sony VTC6 3000mAh, unprotected.

With a luxmeter, just to show the evolution :wink:

In the wood support :smiley: Note the orangish/reddish glow that comes out of the wood support after the light is shut off :blush:

Some beamshots comparing the modded Amutorch VG10 to the:
Skilhunt M150 w/ Luxeon V2 5000K (left) and the Lumintop Tool AA V2.0 Panda White w/ Luxeon V2 3000K (right)

Wuben T050R w/ Samsung LH351D 5000K (left) and the Emisar D4 w/ XP-G2 S4-3D ~5000K (right)

The glowing on the light and the holster. Despite dim, if compared to a green one, the tritium vial is quite nice and in pitch black environment helps to find the flashlight, which is the its main purpose :wink:

And now, some glamour photos of the set! :heart_eyes:

Thanks for the all the comments and tips given here, and thanks for the opportunity to participate in the Old Lumens Flashlight Modders & Builders Challenge 2019 !

I also would like thank to CRX, kiriba-ru, led4power and Lexel for providing invaluable pieces for this mod: without their work, this mod wouldn’t be possible as I imagined it, and I wouldn’t have in hands a dreamed flashlight !!! :blush: :person_with_crown:

To the other contestants involved and still on the run, good luck and good work on your builds and mods, and let’s show how BLF works :sunglasses:

Peace & Light! :+1: