Massdrop 1 or 2 x CR123 flashlight - Brass & Copper

Hi folks,

Just saw this light at Massdrop’s website: Massdrop Path Convertible CR123 Pocket Flashlight!

I don’t know if you can see it without being logged in, still here’s the link :

Damn, those hosts look nice to me :heart_eyes:

You can see the light without logging in. You have to log in to see the price.
Quite a versatile light: it can be operated from 1*3.0V to 2*4.2V.

Just wondering if the tubes are “meaty” enough to be reamed to 18.6mm to accommodate a 18650 battery.

I think it is not compatible with 18650.

Oh, thanks for the explanation :wink: I normally see it logged in so I didn’t know if non logged would see it!

Hum, the comments below the light are all talking about that eventual forced 18350/18650 compatibility. I couldn’t read all of them, but this was what I found:

But no answer was completely clear about that, if I remember… :zipper_mouth_face:

Looks like a nice light.

Could have potential :+1:

For non-Massdrop members they are asking $59.99 + S&H for the light.

Personally, I am giving it a pass due to no 18650 compatibility. Otherwise, it looks great.

Massdrop is a joke. You have to log on to see price or make determination to buy? Come on now. For $60 you can use money towards much higher output light.

This coming from a guy that buys a lot of lights.

As a concept, I really like massdrop. Communities of enthusiasts arranging group buys of specialty items to get a better price. It falls apart when the “better” price is worse than what is easily found online and is partnered with legendarily slow shipping.

Concept might be nice. BUT still a JOKE.

Received e-mail alert that this is up again:

60 bucks? lol no thanks…

Yeah, for that price, the Acebeam TK16 will be much better :sunglasses:

Just felt the “need” to update the thread as I received the alert ;?