has become

I think this is a bad idea.

Massdrop means only one thing, their old website.

The word Drop means a lot of things.

In fact, it's a common verb and noun used on the website Drop.

There's going to be drops on Drop.

When does the drop drop on Drop?

What were they smoking?

“Massdrop wants to make its branding a little snappier and easier to remember. To that end, the company announced a massive rebrand. Now, the community-driven shopping site will be known simply as Drop. On top of that, the company announced a number of new products.”

As you say, drop is just a verb and can mean a million other things when combined. But I think they want to become THE drop, to separate themselves from the rest. But I do not think it’s a word that evokes the values of the brand.

Good luck to them with the rebranding, only the domain name was about 800,000 bucks.

Reminds me of this;

Jefferson Airplane
Jefferson Starship

What would be next ……………Ship??

Seems a dubious improvement, one would hope it wasn’t too expensive a change. A less specific nym to be sure.

No idea what Massdrop was but hope they do not drop too hard. ;-)


I was surprised by that today...also think it's a terrible marketing/branding mistake, on several levels, but they've been spiraling into a hole for a little while now. "Drop" is a really different company at this point and most of it happened over the last year and a half. I've made the choice not to support them anymore. They'll have to have a deal that's really special or some very attractive house-item for me to buy from them again but I'm really considering just closing my account if that's possible. They had some ups and downs in the first few years but never quite took steps to become a more legitimate business and up their game on customer service/returns/warranty/etc/etc. That was ok because they still fostered a pretty good community and had a lot of interaction with members, at least worked to make people feel better when mistakes (so many mistakes) were made and often had pretty good buys. Then they tried to get into the closeouts market, hired a bunch of come-and-go people who shouldn't have been in the positions they were in, botched more and more shipments and CS issues, and gradually nixed the employee-customer communication in the item discussions. Besides the terrible web site and interface changes over three rounds, I didn't appreciate it when they turned the site publicly viewable without notice (people often shared some personal or location information and such in the discussions as well as some manufacturer and other info that is better kept at least a little less open to the internet-at-large), and there was some ugly inside stuff a year ago, too. I say let those guys stick with the millennial road they've created and see where it takes them...already basically a normal e-tailer now with far substandard service and policies, and headed further that direction - very different than what Massdrop always was. Now it's like a very bad version of Amazon Facebook or some weird thing where you can spend more than you might at other outlets and come away with no return options or warranty support/communication. Why bother.

Massdrop or ‘Drop’ is just M4D M4X or Neil’s Deals with an attitude……a Volkswagen engine and chassis under a fibreglass Corvette shell……lipstick on a pig! …and I’m all out of cliches.

Don’t drink the Kool-Aid. (That’s my last one, I swear.)

I think that part of it is down to the fact that they way the offer items has changed. It used to be that the more people went in on the deal, the lower the price. So Massdrop was a very appropriate name. But they stopped doing that and it just became an item for sale at a price (one that was often barely better than you might get on numerous other sites and when it was you’d have to wait so long that for the sale of 5 or 10 dollars it was better to just get it off Amazon or similar).
I’ve really scaled back how much I use that site now. It just isn’t the same and isn’t very good most of the time.

Pleaaassseeeee tell me you are not calling the Volkswagen engine & chassis the “pig”. :open_mouth: Especially if you are referring to the old Beetles, 74 & earlier…. :person_facepalming:

They were more like Wild Boars…. they would take a licking & keep right on going. :wink:


Hyperspace ship
next ……………………take a ride

Ahhh Good One! :+1: is a great name, look at etc. All very successful brands