Mastech MAS830 AND Equus 3300 Digital Multimeters

I replaced the blown fuse with wire. Now I need to finish another light, to test it.

gots lots of Flukes at work. Many have blown fuses because dum azz people like me, in a hurry, forget to switch leads around depending on use. Some of these fuses are not cheap or easy to find.


Fluke fuses are stupid expensive because they are custom values. The 10 amp range uses an 11 amp fuse. The 400 mA range uses a 440 mA fuse. Solution… use a standard 10 amp fuse and call it a 9 amp range. I use a 500 mA fuse in place of the 440 mA fuse. Never had any problems with it taking those extra 60 mA. The standard value fuses cost less than 1/10th what Fluke fuses cost.

With any luck your second wife will live in an area rich in Harbor Freight, Home Depot, and Lowe's stores.

and dum azz company buys them by the box and pays for the yearly cals…if they last that long, lol. We work in wet environments and could easily use a cheaper meter. Let the boys doing board level repair in shop use the Flukes.

I got “the same” Mastech, only with yellow rubbers.

I think it has lasted now + - 10 years or so. Bought it locally with about 10+EUR back then. 8)

The $8 Equus 3300 from Wal-Mart - Site to Store

It works... It reads the same as my other two meters for voltage and Ohms. It reads a little higher than my analog amp meter, for amp draw, but I don't have anything with higher amps to read. I don't have any lights in the works right now.

It's going to be a giveaway. I don't have any lights for giveaways any more and I'm not working with any of the dealers any more. Giveaways will probably be a thing of the past, but right now, this will have to suffice.

That's it.

looks nicer than the red harbor freight meter. I would be curious what the main board looks like compared to HF if it breaks…and UL put their name on it! :wink:

I needed cheap NiMH 900mah AAA for cordless phone today; so our HF being 3/4 mile away ended up where dog and I stopped. Batteries and free meter were $6 with tax.