Mateminco MT07 A great 7x SST-20 90+CRI LED compact light for general use

This is a review for the Mateminco MT07 or more commonly known on here as the Astrolux MF01 Mini

So, I really wanted to try out the new MT07 for myself and was told they would send me one if I would review it. So here I am lol.

I picked the Grey color and glad I did. It is a very nice change from the plain old black. I am really tired of black lights at this point. It is a nice deep silvery grey color.

This light is like a big bother to the fireflies E07. With this one accepting 18650 / 21700 / 26650. It is hard to say which is better based on size. I have large hands so this MT?? fits my hand a bit better but the E07 fits in the pocket better. They both have their place honestly.

I got the SST-20 90+ CRI 4000k FD2 tint version, the best tint of the SST-20 you can realistically get. Like mt MF01S with the same LED’s, they are ok at low levels where they have a slight green hue but as soon as you ramp it up a bit more and the FET channel kicks in, they turn to a positively great tint that is ever so slightly rosy. The best tint I have excluding the 219B 9080.

I got this poster from a BLF member awhile back. I am not sure if he is offering these to the public so not going to mention his name but thanks a lot for this! If he is ok with posting his name I will be happy to do that.

This is a pretty good representation of the light at lower modes before the FET kicks in, it gets even better above this:

I got around ~3500 lumens with an old 26650, with a high drain 21700 I expect it would be closer to 4000+ lumens. This is quite good for 90+ CRI LED’s. If you get the 70CRI LED’s it will obiosuly be much higher lumen output at the cost of worst tint. I will take tint over lumens most days though.

A quick lux test showed around 300m of throw and 24kcd. Good for general use at close to moderate ranges but it is not a thrower for sure.

The internals are well made, it comes with spacers to fit all the common 18650 / 21700 / 26650 cells. I personally use a 26650 since I don’t have any 21700’s that fit (protected 21700’s will NOT fit). it does provide tailcap lockout with a slight turn.

It has a nice beefy double tailcap spring, bypassing this will raise lumens some for sure but it works fine in stock form. The driver is an FET + 1 design running Toykeepers Anduril.

On the front it has a nice stainless steel bezel followed by a nice thick piece of AR coated glass, not the best coating I have seen but better then nothing. It is not glued so that is a big bonus.

It also have AUX LED’s under the optic. By defualt they are setup for unicorn rainbow, not my personal taste but some might like it. They are quite dim which is nice at least and you can adjust the pots under the optic to disable some of the colors if you want (which I plan to do).

It of course also has a lighted switch. It is hard to capture how bright it is in real life, it is really quite good. Enough to be seen in the dark but not enough to be annoying.

This light also has built in USB C charging. I tested it and got a peak of 1.75A. While not recommended you can also technically charge the light while it is on. So if you needed a long term moderate room light, you could plug it into a battery bank for example. Not very efficient but possible. The seal over the USB port also seems to work well, although how it will hold up over time is the real question.

I always recommend people use dedicated chargers and only use internal charging on any light for emergencies.

A copy of the manual in case someone needs it down the road:

In conclusion I am very happy with this light and see myself using it quite a bit. My most used light right now is the MF01S with these same LED’s because of it’s well rounded performance and great tint. This is just a smaller version of that, so I see it getting quite a bit of use and pushing a few other lights to a lower shelf.

No real complaints to speak of except the unicorn AUX LED’s which are fixable with a screwdriver.

I would highly recommend this light as a small hand held mid sized general use light.