Maxtoch 26650 XHP-50.2 dive light

I noticed this one on their site as an improvement over the MT-G2 one they had with the same name. It’s got the new Cree XHP50.2 LED runs off of two 26650’s and is a dive light whats not to love about it. Three modes and stout. No one has it for sale yet.

Found this old thread while I’m looking for more info about the Maxtoch D01 as I am in “need” of a dive light. They have both the MTG2 and XHP50.2 versions on their Aliexpress store:

I thought the MT-G2 was well regarded for it’s sunlight like appearance so I don’t see the need to spend the extra $6 on the XHP20.2 but I guess it all comes down to what bin the leds came out of. I messaged the seller on Aliexpress to see if they know what version of each led they are putting in.

Received info from Maxtoch:

It’s MT-G2 for me. I’d rather have fewer lumens than bluer lumens.

The same here. I would rather have fewer lumens than bluer ones

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