MAXToch DX21 Searchlight review 11-04-2013 with pictures update check #13

Thanks for the review Texas shooter. :star:


Wow…this is WAY smaller than I anticipated!

Thanks shooter for the pics. Look forward to more pics later.


I feel like that’s the case with everything I order online.

Any new pics for us, shooter?

I’ve got 5 much better pictures to post

Showing to evolution of this light from the DX21 to the BL20 and the original short TC-750X.

Now the backsides


Topside and inside.

My hand for some size reference.

If I had to build a light for the above average Joe this would be it. It’s bright, doesn’t roll from were you set it. It manages heat well, not getting too hot and is small enough to fit in a pocket. It runs on a 26650 for plenty of run time. Only has one opening and is truly waterproof. It feels solid no sense of flimsy anywhere on it. That battery status light keeps you from guessing or topping off too much. If I had to improve anything it would be to replace the o-ring with a silicon o-ring for their toughness. As a true flashaholic I like it, but am now truly waiting for the divers version. We flashlight junkies know not to run that turbo mode until the leds melt of their pads. For everyone else this is a great light, for us its a good starting point. Looking at the flashlights that Maxtoch has lined up I believe their on the right track with quality lights.

Thanks for the pics and additional info, texas shooter. Hope you don’t mind, but I wanted to post the pics in the thread. Reminder to all…the DX21 Group Buy will be over in 4 days!

Wow, this is heaps smaller than I thought it was going to be!

If they run it with at least 4.5A - 6.0A NW, I believe many will pull the trigger to buy it.
Hoping they release higher current version soon and do another group buy.

Thank you :slight_smile:

Once the diving version is available, I’ll let you know.

I’ts been a month and I still use and carry this light on a regular basis. Finish is still almost blemish or scratch free. The light has a tough finish and grows on me. For the price and performance I still recommend this light as a “should have one”.

Nice…has anyone received this GB light yet???

DX21 sent later than 2X. It should be received in these days.

Thank you, Texas Shooter :slight_smile:

My DX21 arrived together with the 2X 2 weeks ago in Australlia. This is my first multi emitter light. Using it tonight as picnic light in a Christmas Carols by Candlelight by the beach. Forecast temps a pleasant 22deg.C.

Amanda, any updates on the 2000lumen dive version?

Every turning on of this light there is a couple minutes wait for it to turn on. I have to press every few seconds hoping it will turn on quicker. Once on, shifting to diferent modes is fine. Fully charged batt is used and tightened well enough for the blue switch light to flash. Any ideas on how to fix? Thanks.

Most divers suggest us to design deeper diving depth for DX21. Now it is designed to be waterproof underwater 200feet. It is not enough for some cave explorers and bubble divers. Thus we are still improving its waterproof performance now.

Thanks for your concern. :slight_smile:

DX21 is turned on by simple quick click. You don’t have to hold it. You can try quick click, instead of holding it. To turn of it, you must hold the switch for a few seconds. Maybe you can have another try? Any problem, let me know please.

Let me know when the 2000lumen version available :slight_smile:

-Jamie M.