MAXToch DX21 Searchlight review 11-04-2013 with pictures update check #13

I promised a review to show the good, bad and ugly. That review with pictures will be forth coming but for now I’ll give the initial review.

As in the specs it claims to pull 3 amps. My two meters show with a single INR or ICR King Kong 26650’s it draws 2.94 amps on high, 0.83 on medium and 0.17 on low. At its highest it can only give 1,000 lumens total from both led’s. The led’s are XM-L2’s Cool White with no hint of odd purple, green or other undesirably colors. Fit and finish are good and blemish free however the body tube is slightly darker than the head.

26650’s can sustain a much higher amperage. I believe they should try that 2000 lumen goal as this head is slightly larger by a few mm’s in length than the Shadow BL20 which seems to handle 2.40 amps at 8.4 volts quite well. The original to this trio is the Shadow TC-750X which draws 1.88 amps at 8.4 volts.

Having a slight parasitic drain from the electronic switch a slight turn of the body tube will lock out the battery. When the tube is seated deep enough the switch battery indicator flashes once. Switch is a little stiffer than most keeping accidental on from happening. No rubber boot, instead a stainless steel plunger switch.

Have not had a chance to test the waterproofing.

As is, and if advertised as a 1,000 lumen light it is worth the price. As advertised as a 2,000 lumen light I feel they missed the mark. More review coming in the next few days.

The light unscrews at the head/body junction. The tube is a solid affair without a tail cap. The head unit is sealed, the circuit board holding the spring will not budge. It has no visible retaining ring, it looks like its glued/epoxied shut. Bezels unscrew but the lenses even refuse to come out.

New 10-26-2013

Have turned the light on high and left it sitting on a book. Light does get very warm but not too hot to hold. I’ve done this twice and on the second time monitored the battery indicator. On low and medium the indicator is about right on true battery capacity remaining. For high setting it tends to go Orange after only a few minutes of run time, however a quick mode change down to low or medium will quickly give you a true indicator. Light blinks for low battery at 3.33v when on high, 3.26v on medium and 3.25v when running on low.

DX21 throws exactly as a XM-L P60/D26 dropin. Reflectors are exactly the same diameter and depth of the P60/D26 reflectors. Both leds are perfectly aligned with no sign of beam diversion from each other. Being a double instead of a triple the light lays flat in the pocket. Pocket carry is as easy as a straight 26650 light.

Unfortunately I’ll be working all weekend and into next weekend so pictures will be posted as I get time. It will be spending two full days at the bottom of a 7’ pool to test its waterproofing, starting tonight.

I’m still favorably impressed by this light, how long ago would many think a small 1000 lumen light wasn’t possible?

New 10-29

I pulled the flashlight up late last night from about 50 hours of immersion. Light worked nice and bright. The light was then wiped down with a towel first then tissue paper. Afterwards it was opened up, no water was found inside. Battery compartment was dry, lenses showed no signs of water. When I mentioned that the threads were tight I meant that the threads showed absolutely no play. Threads tighten with only a little extra effort and all I believe due to the well matched body to head and tight o-ring.

What would I change? 1. Clarify the advertised lumen output and offer a divers (2000 lumen) output version for the true enthusiast out there. 2. Use a silicon o-ring instead of the current one as they tend to be more resistant to getting pinched or ripped in such tight fits.

10-30-2013 with pictures

Updated with a phone, real pictures Friday.
To give a little size perspective.
Only opening on the whole light
Open ends with a 26650
Really bad photo, I hate my phone.
A little size perspective along with the family line up. Shadow TC750X, Shadow BL20 bike light head, DX21 Searchlight, Shadow JM07 Pro, SolarForce L2.

Thanks for the info so far!

So based on tail cap amps, modes are pretty much like described. 100 - 30 - 5

Can it fit protected batteries?

Would like to see pictures of driver circuit, pictures compared to other lights, and in general a teardown if you could do that. :)

More details on UI please. :)

1000 lumens from both leds?

That is real bad news.

Thanks for your effort, TS.

Thanks for checking it out TS!

What other information will you be including in the next few days?

Thanks for updating the review shooter. Nice to know that you are still favorably impressed with the light…even with it’s shortcomings in the amp dept. Hope MAXToch can release a 6 amp version soon!

Are you doing anything to replace the glue/sealant on the head threads before leaving it at the bottom of the pool? The glued head might be an integral part of the waterproofing required for diving… :quest:

This has one access, the head/body tube junction. The tube is a solid affair with a solid base. Threads appear tight and the o-ring fits well, so well that it needs to be slowly tightened as the o-ring goes under the head lip to keep it from pinching the ring. It appears very well sealed at the head/body junction. No oil or grease added as the unit came with a light grease already on the threads and o-ring. The glue/sealant is where the circuit board meets the head. Its on permanently as best I can tell. And it’s too late to worry about it, I pitched it in an hour ago. I might mention I paid for this light so what it can or can’t do is going to be told.

Thanks for the review, should shed some more light into what people are expecting to get from the GB. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the review Texas shooter. :star:


Wow…this is WAY smaller than I anticipated!

Thanks shooter for the pics. Look forward to more pics later.


I feel like that’s the case with everything I order online.

Any new pics for us, shooter?

I’ve got 5 much better pictures to post

Showing to evolution of this light from the DX21 to the BL20 and the original short TC-750X.

Now the backsides


Topside and inside.

My hand for some size reference.

If I had to build a light for the above average Joe this would be it. It’s bright, doesn’t roll from were you set it. It manages heat well, not getting too hot and is small enough to fit in a pocket. It runs on a 26650 for plenty of run time. Only has one opening and is truly waterproof. It feels solid no sense of flimsy anywhere on it. That battery status light keeps you from guessing or topping off too much. If I had to improve anything it would be to replace the o-ring with a silicon o-ring for their toughness. As a true flashaholic I like it, but am now truly waiting for the divers version. We flashlight junkies know not to run that turbo mode until the leds melt of their pads. For everyone else this is a great light, for us its a good starting point. Looking at the flashlights that Maxtoch has lined up I believe their on the right track with quality lights.

Thanks for the pics and additional info, texas shooter. Hope you don’t mind, but I wanted to post the pics in the thread. Reminder to all…the DX21 Group Buy will be over in 4 days!

Wow, this is heaps smaller than I thought it was going to be!

If they run it with at least 4.5A - 6.0A NW, I believe many will pull the trigger to buy it.
Hoping they release higher current version soon and do another group buy.

Thank you :slight_smile:

Once the diving version is available, I’ll let you know.

I’ts been a month and I still use and carry this light on a regular basis. Finish is still almost blemish or scratch free. The light has a tough finish and grows on me. For the price and performance I still recommend this light as a “should have one”.

Nice…has anyone received this GB light yet???