[May Promotion]VezerLezer ED10 EDC Flashlight -2200LM, 305M, 2nd Batch with improvements.

Vezerlezer May Promotion

Hi BLF members,

2nd batch of ED10 is now available to order, with 5000K and 6500K options, order it before promotion ends. COUPON[8bb45sdn]

Apart from that, you will find improvements in the 2nd batch.

1. Ramping direction will be reset after being turned OFF,now it always ramps in brighten direction.
2. Ramping speed is about 30% slower .
3. No more power off without low battery warning.
4. Updated the optical system, now the beam is way better.
5. C 2 C charging is now working with most charging adapter.

Review from Flasholic.

Purchase link: COUPON[8bb45sdn]


Hope you will like it.
Vezerlezer Marketing Team

Well,welcome here-all i have to say is-it looks nice:)))Any othere products?

VezerLezer, welcome to the wonderful world of flashlight mania.
We have witnessed the rise and the fall of several illustrious names (brands).
But we are always happy when a new name emerges on the horizon.

Needless to say this EDC light looks quite well. But I have some questions for you.

- does this light have a reflector or has it a TIR lens?

- it comes with a protected battery. Is this a proprietary battery or can I use any 18650?

- it has a hidden strobe. Does this mean it has a sub menu for strobes etc?

- how long does the turbo mode last? Does it have a fixed throttle or an adjustable?

  • are you planning to offer a stainless steel bezel as a separate option?

Maybe most important qustion: do you have a website?

My q is-which kind of driver is here?

And here’s the website

Looks nice with the diagonal knurling.

Here is the website.

Hopefully in the future there will be a high-CRI LED option available


What’s the origin of the name?

Reminds me of ‘Vezyr Laser’ :sunglasses:

Welcome to the forum, it’s nice to see that you start with a GAW, we always appreciate that. :slight_smile:

+1. Warm, high CRI. :slight_smile:

From the website (bottom):

Welcome to BLF , Vezerlezer :beer:

Very good runtimes, it’s nice that it starts on low.

Nice looking light…
Best of luck with your products.

+1 to warmer tints.

Thank you for the opportunity.
Very nice looking lights too.

Nice logo.

Light looks well thought out.

+1 on the warm/hi CRI requests.

Welcome to BLF!

Thanks for the GAW.


Nice flashlight. :+1:
Thanks for this GAW.

Welcome to BLF!
Thanks for this GAW VezerLezer

Very beautiful light, the knurling, the OP.
I’d like to get one of these.

Always great to see new products! Thanks for the GAW

This company listens to the people, made thing good on a contest miscommunication!

Compact light, thank you for the giveaway!