Maybe deal alert.

Skyray King with 4 XML`s for $36 and with coupon WSSDDGAA only $32.40 coupon doesnt work. It shows the discount, but when you want to pay with paypal, it shows $36 again.

at wallbuys..

The price is not bad. I like the looks of it, actually.

good product, good price, very good seller

buy now!

( how am i doing? good skills? lol )


Great find. Thank you for reporting. Unfortunately, it said sold out when I tried to purchase.

:) that`s not funny at all... will change the title!

ezarc doesn't find us funy


If that light is as good as the one Dale has, I doubt they will be able to keep it in stock. That’s $9 less than what I paid for a grey one on fleaBay.

aahahahahah, this is hilarious :bigsmile: discount for all 0.5 pcs they have in stock LOOOOL

Thats not the same one

The body is an SRK, so yeah, not even close to the same. Until a guinea pig reports back, beware. Can’t buy it anyway, but just in case it comes back in stock.

I just ordered one 30 min ago. Maybe they’re back in stock? A no brainer for $32.40.

But for some reason the discount code didn’t stick (stay) from the cart thru the paypal payment as it always has in the past. I added the code, refreshed the page, saw the $3.60 discount and went to checkout. But the confirmation page showed I paid $36.

So I contacted Cherry to see if she can refund the $3.60.

Will keep u guys posted.

Yes...I saw the same thing..

it shows the discount after a F5 refresh, but then when you continue to paypal, it shows 36.