Maybe I should stop buying XML2 T6 3B tint from fasttech?

This was my first DOA product from fasttech. They have been a good service to me all this while other than being slowtech
Well, no issue. Claim refunds
Very good service with extra quick response so as a replacement they sent me another one. (I had to order something so they can include together in the shipping so I ordered another XML2 T6 3B just in case another DOA happened and I don’t wanna wait.)

And yes… here’s my 2nd vid
one out of 2 LED DOA

I did try reflowing but the LED itself is dead not because of poor contacts or poor stars but something inside the die itself is dead

Oh well. I guess that’s my sad luck. Really loved the 3B tint though.
I really should’ve ordered from intl outdoor but damn that’s some pricy shipping to me.

Just sharing some sad news.
I shall try to hunt for XPG2 3B tints for my next project.

wow, that is really bad. sorry to hear.

I always order from lck-led and 100% of items work out of the box! Regardless of whether I buy from their auction account or from their website.