Maybe just coincidence maybe more...

I just noticed the couple of days after my last Dino Direct order, i have been getting blocked packets from a Chinese IP address in my router logs.

They are attempting to connect on VNC ports and also sent out a few Win Nuke DoS attacks.

Has anyone else notice weird behavior like this?

As a result, this is probably my last order through DD. I never had anything like this come up when i ordered through DE and MF.

Like i said, could be just coincidence, but it seems a little suspiciously well timed.

and people doing that stuff hide behind proxy servers... it could be your neighbor for all you know.... not saying ive ever done anything like that, or i know what a proxy server is, or.... ok i liked computers a kid...

lol.. no i havent done anything in a long time. but i do know hackers hide behind a proxy server when they do their dirty work. its simple to do and hard to trace

with a proxy, you basically bounce your internet activity off a server at a disclosed location. a lot of proxies dont track who uses them, as far as i know, so they are anonymous. i dont see dd serving you dos attacks... there is no profit in that.

Might be off topic, but LCK-LED is screwed up now too in the last week. I know some members here used them before too.

I agree with Pulsar saying there's no profit in sending DoS' yo your computer. It just means you wouldn't be able to access their website to buy more things.

I've had quite a few orders off DD and I havn't had any issues regarding computer security.

DD is not really China per se (It's a SAR, like Macau). MF/DX/HKE/Dereelight/Solarforce-sales/O-like is also HK, so is CNQG. Now FP, Olightworld, lightmalls, int-outdoor and aliexpress stores are in China mostly.

Ever since the Internet...

History will look back on this time we are in now, and say we lived through the third WW.

But we had lights :)

first send us the wrong batteries. then dos attack random customers... yeah, i guess that may start wwIII

My point is thatWW3 started years ago. we just live through it....

Know you weapons.

Know your target.

fire burns, a fact.

Really i'm a nice guy tho :)

Edit: TO OP, there may be something up there, but it's on their end. As long as u know where your egg hatch :)

Three days after my first purchase from lightake my PayPal email was hacked which had never happened before ever. Then I buy from the Dino and within two weeks I start getting fake emails from PayPal stating my account was limited and I had to click their link to log in and fix my account. I found all this strange because I have never had any issues like this untill I started ordering from China based websites.

I'm not saying that DD is the source of the attacks. I doesn't take a genius to know that it takes more than one person to run a large international shipping sales company.

That being said, it could very well have been an employee of DD going through customer ip logs. It could also be completely random. Just thought i'd put it out there and maybe you could take a look at your routers/firewalls in the future and just see if anything happens.