Maybe the greatest summahhhhh invention evahhhhhhhh......

amazing little necklace fan. And now rechargeable. I run eneloops in my 3 units - it cranks good and luvs me long time. My version which I just found by mistake at a consignment shop new for $4/ ea isn’t rechargeable butt if I were to Amazon it I’d get this one……

Some of yoo enterprising types could prolly rig up an LED on it somewhere and there ya go. Or even add a 18650 power bank to it and ya got it ALL baby all.

Watta gift. Every time she switches it on she’s gonna think………

“Watt a cool guy.” :open_mouth:

PS. Here’s the style I gots. All sorts of price configurations, quantity paks, and colors. I think they’re pretty dang popular right now. Could it be the heat? :person_facepalming:
PSS. Some reviewers bit*hed about the cord unraveling. The one I have is like this here picture shows. Paracord tuff. So IDK, maybe they got an earlier version cuz this cord ain’t gonna unravel. Watt are they doing to it? Chewing it? :laughing:

Thanks Man!

Ordered the 2 pack.
Will be good for Grandson’s baseball games, they always seem to be held on the hottest days.

Muto, don’t get in a fight over it. Unless she’s cute. :laughing: :+1: :beer:

I took one apart which be stupid easy. Well put together with no switch coil spring BS, sh*tty dangling crammed wiring, etc. Not cheaply made. Great simple design.

Is it moddable? There’s some room in there I think.

Certainly a nice warm tint Super Bright could be retroed. Ya know no heat issues. I’ve got some from that gal that was peddling them on here recently.

I’ve been running my single speed for over 3 hours now and the Eneloops have drained down only to 1.24volts. Started at 1.28volts. Very efficient motor obviously. :sunglasses:

Possibilities could be interesting.

Faboo gifts fer sure.

It would be the coolest if it contained freon.

Yeah, I’ve had one of those little O2Cool fans for 3-4 years and they work fine. It also helps when starting a campfire or charcoal; it’s the perfect amount of air, like you’d blow on the little flame to keep it burning.

Honestly I kinda don’t know how now in fook I’ve been livin’ all these years without this thing. :person_facepalming: Ya have any idea how miserable I’ve been in ballgames, graduations, weddings, funerals, golf tee-offs, DMV’s, pews, breastaurants, pandemic wait yer turn to go in and spend yer munny lines, and in general hurry up n’ wait general BS? :confounded:

Ya. This thing rocks. :laughing: :+1: :beer: :student:

PS. I think I’m gonna buy stonks in this company. :open_mouth:

Our local high school is noted for 100 degree graduation ceremonies. Hotter on the upper levels of the bleachers. When my kids were graduating I bought one of those. Beats waving your program.

“Beats waving your program……”

I’ve never been around guys anywhere “waving their programs”. I don’t care how hot it was. Ya know this is REALLY a gal’s motion with their legs crossed. Fits the gender, man. Nowadays not so much. :open_mouth:

If a guy did that where I was growing up he’d be waving that program outta his caboose. :laughing:

Thanks nottawhackjob for posting this. Purchased the two pack for my wife. She works in Nursing homes and some are not air conditioned.
She seems to love them.

Yer one heckuva cool fella. :+1: :beer: