McGizmo Sapphire 25, Arc AAA, both cool tint 5mm

Hi folks,
I cant text images since its been years since I posted here and its not very intuitive. 408 674-9707.

McGizmo Sapphire 25 Titanium

  • I purchased new about 2yrs ago from Don
    -has had about 1 month of Keychain duty over the past 2yrs
    -ONly $100 Delivered in the USA

Arc AAA-Gray body and cool 5mm LED.

  • Seems on about as bright as Fenix E05, just with wider beam
    -has more wear since it was on my keychain the most
    -Only $40 Delivered inside the USA

Please text me for images at 408 674-9707, The Arc is a user and the McGizmo is like new. Both work great as you may imagine.

Thank you,
bigC/ Jose

You can upload images externally to sites like imgur and then just paste links here.

Typo? Header says Arc AAA, text says AA

PM sent

Both sold

Bigchelis, ever go on that ‘other site’ anymore?