MCPCB for Osram 4715?

Is there a specific mcpcb for this led, or anything that has the same footprint?

Can’t help with the footprint, but that is an interesting LED it runs a 1.5v. I have been looking to build an IR light source for photography, I will have to keep an eye on this thread!

Well here’s the info for anyone that knows standard footprint sizes. I’m a little rusty on that stuff. Datasheet. (I think that’s the right one.) Seems like they made it compatible with Oslon mcpcb’s, but I don’t know if it fits a Cree footprint too or not.

I just got these mcpcbs for Osram from mouser.
Osram Oslon Substrate
These are aluminum with no direct thermal path. This is what you want since the center thermal pad is also positive. The dielectric layer will isolate the positive thermal path from ground.

If you’re careful, you can use an XP mcpcb, but the pads are larger and you will need to hold the emitter in position so the pads don’t overlap. If using a DTP (noctigon) mcpcb, you will have to coat the underside with something non conductive so it will not short to ground.

So with the ones from mouser, you don’t have to electronically isolate it from the pill with epoxy? I don’t see a size on them, but it looks like a 20mm. Do they make them in 16mm?

No. They have a dielectric layer. You can use regular aluminum XP-E/ XP-G mcpcbs if you want. The pads are a little larger, but not much. It’s really not any big deal, and you probably have one handy.

I do have some on hand, but they are dtp mcpcbs. I would have to isolate them. Was trying to get away from that, but I will if I have too I guess.

Hmmmm. Maybe you have a crappy old light hanging around with an old aluminum board you can scavenge from.

I just got these mcpcbs for Osram from mouser.

I do have some XP-E’s on an aluminum board I probably won’t use. There’s no link tawfikcint to what you got?

Those XP-E boards will do just great. After you remove the XP-E, you can reflow it onto one of your DTP boards and install it in a thrower.
I should mention that all available boards for Osram emitters only come in 20mm, so if you need a 16mm board, you have to go with the XP-G/XP-E mcpcb.

Good to know. Appreciate the help.