Meet the Maxtoch X PRO : the new single-cell "King of Throwers" of 2021

2000 meters is what they advertise it at. My copy doesn't throw that far, but at 1760 meters it's definitely not bad.

That's probably the best single-cell production LED thrower on the market, no? YES IT IS

(I had to highlight that, to make it clear I'm not talking about a modded or multi-cell setup)

Review highlights:

Includes 3 colored filters that go in front of the front-glass, behind the bezel. The bezel has very thin threads, so I accidentally cross-threaded it once. This is a detail of attention.

Of course colored filters won't throw as well as colored LEDs.

Throw measurements

Measured at 30 seconds at 20 meters distance with a Hagner E4-X lux meter.

Mode Candelas Meters Yards Miles
Turbo 776,000 1762 1927 1.09
High 752,000 1734 1897 1.08

High and Turbo are very close, but they beat all other single cell LED flashlights I know of.

Quick measurement reveals the inner diameter of the bezel (and about the same for the reflector) is 69.x mm

  • Length: 183 mm / 7.2 ”
  • Head diameter: 78 mm / 3 ”
  • Inner Reflector diameter: 69.8 mm / 2.7"
  • Body diameter: 25 mm / 0.99”

Weight with rubber cigar grip ring:

  • Empty: 342.2 g / 11.44 oz
  • With battery: 398.4 g / 14.06oz

Compared to other well known throwers

From left to right: Maxtoch X Pro, Noctigon K1, Nitecore P30i, Astrolux FT03, Astrolux FT02, Olight Warrior X PRO, Weltool T11

The reflector is larger than of the Noctigon K1.

Maxtoch X PRO vs Noctigon K1

Maxtoch X PRO vs small LEP flashlights

See the thick Blue/Yellow line

Maxtoch vs large LEP flashlights

See the thick grey line


The tower is about 450 meters away

X PRO green (unfortunately, badly focused)

X pro with red filter

X PRO yellow filter:

X PRO no filter:

Noctigon K1:

Olight Odin Turbo (LEP)

Show us illuminated object at 1760 meters.

Why? Just sounds like a trick question.. since you know how this works...

I know, that’s why asked. That range is BS and you know that too :slight_smile:

I find that more illustrative than candela figures. And since we all know it’s B/S, it’s useful B/S. I guess.

I thought you knew better!

If you think that way, every specification is BS, no?

You guys remember the song: “I Wish I Were an Oscar Meyer Weiner?”



The ANSI standard is only good for comparing models, not much else. It would be hard to give any other range spec though.

I always take the range spec and halve it at the very least.

I just assumed (see, that is my fault) that the meters and candela thing was accepted by people as a standardized comparison metric between one flashlight and all other flashlights. I have known since my first month on the forum that the flashlights do not illuminate these distances. But honestly, HOW ELSE are we comparing them to each other in a numeric, repeatable, and understandable way. I mean the candela number works too, but the meter number gives some frame of reference.

But I do see what's going on here, there's a mindset of the old school, and something doesn't earn a grand claim until it can attain it. But the problem with the "reading a newspaper" proof is that so many light would be so similar it would be ridiculously difficult to tell which ones Technically outperform the other.

that word technically, that is bothering the old school.

anyway, this light looks AWESOME Chibi! I created a thread (or a poll) about this a month or so ago, the furthest throwing single cell LEDlight(knowing I have the k1, but I wanted to find whatever could outperform it). This may be it!

looking forward to the review.

Maxtoch price their lights too high though, so even though the performance is good, the price isn’t.

I’ve got the Maxtoch L3K arriving early next week for review. My first LEP, I can’t wait!

[quote=Robin Dobbie]

ohh, I hate that one!

I have the previous iteration of the XPro. The reflector quality is really, really good. Produces the prettiest beam. I prefer is in the traditional two cell layout though.

An LEP version with a buck/boost driver would be nice. Not sure if there’s any point of making it that wide though. I think the K1 is a better size for pocket carry.

i really like the design of this Maxtoch A lot. A clean and classic looking large head thrower aesthetic. they are a brand i am not at all familiar with outside of reading their name here and there on BLF. Any idea of the price of this ChibiM ?

“Show us illuminated object at 1760 meters.”

Indeed. The ol’ venerable Missouri Redoubt. Show me! :smiley:

Variables. Full moon to no moon, etc. Foggy, super clear out, humidity levels, altitude, etc. LED variables, bins, etc. Reflectivity of the target, size of the target, foreground/background surrounding the target, etc. Important variables to filter through before one can definitely say they know what they’re talking about on any specific flash. Everything else is ultimately conjecture due to those variables. So watt situational factors did the manufacturer operate under considering such variables (and others unmentioned) to come up with throw meters? Who knows, right?

Of course an indoor lux meter helps reduce those variables and will give a pretty good idea of watt the flash is capable of doing in real world scenarios. Especially since now there’s a boat load of data out there on other similar flash performances. Hopefully accurate data. :student:

So, I’d rather see lux meter results first and then go from there. :laughing:

PS. There’s a lot of historically proven BS hyped data out there in general. Hence one’s BSMULTIMETER needs recalibration on a frequent basis. It’s almost better for a manufacturer to underdeliver on advertised performance specs than to do the opposite. That way initial BLF incredulousness is overriden by real outperformance and then the word spreads. Sales rise. :money_mouth_face: Almost everyone’s happier. Except for the newly excited buyer who pays full retail cuz there aren’t any discounts. :open_mouth:
PSS. It’s also possible that Maxtoch did exactly that. Imagine if consistent real world reviews show that it actually throws at least 500 meters more than advertised. Yikes! Where do I buy one on sale! :+1: :beer:

Maxtoch only used meters in their ad, so I showed my measurements (based on the candela numbers I got: 776,000 cd)

Its priced at $139 without any discounts.
@Artiet59, ah cool. I can't remember if I saw that or not. But yes, although not reaching its claimed distance, it's definitely a great thrower. Still have to do the runtime test etc..

Will see how it compares to other single-cell throwers.

Although I understand the point of "what can you see at that distance" but measurements are still the best way to show the difference between lights.

I really like the look of that thing with the black on red theme. There is a resemblance to the K1 though. Boost HL onboard, so i believe the rating.

Does this Maxcock employ the Osram CSLPM1-TG emitter?? How many metres is the new Astrolux EA02 rated for on paper spec sheet…1600ish meters? It’s reflector is roughly 56/7mm diameter and quite deep. The Max looks to be a great light but I get pissed off at my Olight Javelot Turbo & Warrior-X-Turbo as combined they were over au$500 yet my EA02 is just as good quality, performes better, has Anduril, I can choose what cells I use, can run a short tube 26350 & cost me $69!! I’d give up either Olights before the EA02 to be honest. Hopefully Maxtoch can justify its price.

This is the Boost HL, the 4040 1mm² size white flat. Can be driven harder with higher cd²mm. The EA02 has the Boost HX, the 2mm² version of the 4040 size white flat. More lumens, less throw.

The EA02 is only rated for 1369m, but falls short.

Maxtoch won’t ever drop their pricing because it messes with many bypassing the local dealers. Their pricing used to be very low a few years ago, but increased everything to be fair.

The X Pro has the CSLNM1

Keep in mind that the EA02 uses a Fet+1 driver which is inferior to constant current used in most Maxtoch models. The EA02 turns purple with a too high amp cell, so gotta be careful of that.

Astrolux has poor customer service and next to no warranty from Banggood, so you need to take all these things into account when comparing prices