meet up. blf UK chapter

I’ll take him up the old man :slight_smile: I know some waterfalls he’d love.

So we’re sorted, just look for the hunting dogs and axe murderer, or if you rock up at night, watch for the laser beams rising from a fuzz of nw glow. :bigsmile:

As for bright lights, I must fix up my bialladin, led’s and lithiums still cant out lumen parrafin for as long. :slight_smile:

I spent 30 months when Tilley lamps were the sole source of light after dark. The kilowatt or so of heat that each one emitted was a bit of a problem given that I lived in southern Africa at the time. This was a big deal given that the local paraffin choked up the vapourisers in a day or two. Running them on petrol fixed that. At the price of eating the gaskets kinda quickly. Which could get exciting given that you were spraying gasoline vapour around a 1000C device. The alternative was blowing hot oxygen through the vapourisers every week or so. When I say hot - I mean over 1500C. But if it got too hot, it melted the tubes which was a bit of a problem. Given that the nearest source of them was 6000 miles away with a 5 week postal delay.

I think I was 8 when I learned to work a Tilley lamp. In 1967 my folks got a place about 55 miles west of Aberdeen that didn’t have electricity. It has power now, but there are still times when I shut the power off and use the Tilley lamps instead when I’m up there. I love the hissing and the heat

I spent my first sixteen summers camping at Coniston hall. My dad was a scout leader, Coniston was our family holiday. We spent a lot of time with tilleys and bi alladins. I bought this one to reminiss and never did anything with it. I think it needs a globe off the top of my head.

You can’t beat how they warm a tent on a British autumn evening. :slight_smile:

probably not a good idea with my little angels running about though, they look like butter wouldn’t melt but their both destructive little sods.

Can’t get the proper mantles nowadays. The proper ones use thorium oxide which is mildly radioactive (As in way less than the granite that this city is built from) - and give a much whiter and generally brighter light. But the radioactivity means they are hard to find nowadays. Mantles are extremely consumable - Used to have about 20 for each light.

Makes bulb life look trivial!

Yer average insect can take out a running mantle. OK, it’ll get cremated but it’ll still take out the mantle first. This was a big issue where I lived in the mid-80’s. Fortunately Indian or Chinese mantles cost approximately half of nothing. And were probably made of plutonium rather than thorium.

Nice lookin truck ,it looks well sorted for the really rough stuff…

my dad still has quite a stock, there also used to be a specialist……in Coniston lol.

There is someone in southport, or was a couple of years back. I need to get back into it. I know what you mean about fragile though, breathing on them could ruin them.

Still, its a rapidly dieing technology that kids should be introduced to. There’s some satisfaction to lighting a Tilley when your six or eight years old. And cooking on a primus :slight_smile:

I needed a people carrier lol

I needed one also ended up with a renault espace lol,but to b honest it never let us down,2.0 petrol with 182,000 on the clock when it wentto metal heaven.I wanted to get the rx espace the 4 wheel drive one ,but mrs jakey didnt like it :frowning:

I like to off road so my people carrier had to do that too, landcruiser was the only thing that fit the bill. its a bit thirsty but worth it to me. :slight_smile: plus it gets noticed lol

Yup - Learned about Primus stoves around the same time. Say 1968.

Can still make one work in my sleep. These days prefer Trangia stoves or hexamine devices.

Yup used to wear a green suit the Queen gave me. So can work a hexamine device in my sleep. Or a Tilley (Read Coleman in the US) lamp or a Primus stove.

But the Trangia stoves are better. Speaking as someone who routinely uses a petrol(gasoline)-fuelled Primus stove.

I’ve still not played with a trangia, got my dad one for Christmas and I dont even know if its ever been lit. Now I just hook up the propane reg open the taps and cook. lets be honest, I’ve got the space.


I’ve not forgot….

since no one else is suggesting anything we’re saying :-

Coniston hall campsite

first weekend in august

get there from friday till sunday whenever suits

interested parties:-

gords clan
don and assistants
jakey’s clan
chimp on a bike.

if there’s no arguments, I’ll make some calls tomorrow to the site then start a blf uk northern chapter participation thread.

anyone coming, we could do with swapping numbers nearer the time.


Now I’m really unhappy I won’t be able to make it.

I have a Tilley lamp that I’ve used about twice - 20 years or more ago - the mantle was the problem, of course.

And seeing Don’s dog in the “swamp” reminded me of my Patterdale terrier. Exactly the same behaviour, I expect.

Cant do the first w/e in August, got a wedding to go to. This will involve a night or two under canvas and use of torches though, so I will be with you in spirit!


woody 1. maybe next time?

woody 2. can they not rearrange the wedding?

I’ll see if thats possible, Im sure that they will understand! :wink:

Gords, will you handle the booking or do I need to get on the phone to them?

I can PP you some money if that'd help.

hi don, I’ll try and get it sorted, we have the house buy going through and typically its dragging along so I’m a bit up in the air. I’ll make the calls this week and get back to you.

Thanks. I'd forgotten about the house - and how much of a nightmare it can be in England. It's far more straightforward in Scotland. Took 1 visit to the building society and one to the solicitor, in total about 4 hours.

Finding the place was easy though - I already lived there and bought it from the landlord.