Mega M6 Simple Review

Finally got the M6 I ordered from Richard. I just wanted to post a few images of the light itself and a couple of comparison shots with the Noctigon Meteor M43. Both lights have 4 brand new freshly charged authentic Sony VTC5’s.

The user interface of the M6 is not programmable like the M43, but it’s simple to use once you get used to it.

Short presses move you forward through levels low to high, long presses move you backwards from high to low, from the off position.

So if you turn it on with a short press, you’re on low, a long press will turn it off. I you long press in the off position you go to high and a short press will turn it off.

It basically allows you to move forward and back through the settings with combinations of short and long presses, and to turn it off using short or long presses depending on which direction would be the shortest.

And it is bright. Real bright. Real real bright. It’s a flooder that’ll light up the whole of whatever it is you’re lighting up.

It is noticeably brighter than the Noctigon M43 as you can see in the beam shots.

Here are some images of the light itself:

Here are some comparison beam shots:

Mega M6 Flashlight - 12x LED - 4x 18650: LED: XP-L HI V2 3B


Noctigon Meteor M43 Flashlight - 12x LED - 4x18650: LED: XP-G2 S3 3D

Both lights on high (Turbo) Camera: f5.6 - ISO200 - 1/15sec

I shot this one out of focus to see light amount better than light pattern. Camera: f5.6 - ISO200 - 1/15sec

Shot this one fast see light pattern. Camera: f5.6 - ISO200 - 1/250sec

Thanks for the review! Really impressed with the light.

Thanks for sharing
Do you maybe have a beamshot of a C8 or other smaller light in about the same spot?
These are both so powerful I think that becomes more clear comparing them to a “normal” light :wink:

Exactly the comparison I was hoping for…great!
I am considering plans for ordering a Mega M-6 when I return to the USA later this year. I have the same configuration for my M43, and thought about the LED and Carclo option combination you selected. If funds allow, I want to also include a Vinh version of the Eagletac 4x3 equivalente (MX30L4XCvn). The floodier, non-Carclo optics of the Eagletac would provide an interesting comparison. Richard’s recommendation, the Nichia 219C LEDs are not an option for it, but would now be my choice for his M-6, with the highest CRI available, your beam comparison GIF made it clear, indoor shots on a white surface providing more relevance for tint comparison.

Observations regarding fit, finish, palmability and heat management would be useful, along with outdoor shots, where tint parameters are different

Awesome man! I know that interface well… it’s the same one in my SRK- due to the driver I bought from Mtn. Electronics. I prefer it to the Noctigon’s UI. If I had the cash, I’d spring for this one. Richard does truly amazing work.

Wow, nice comparison. Thanks for sharing :sunglasses: