Metal detectors, have you ever tried them?

Last weekend I had a chance to test one in old battlefields. Got lots of beeps but found only very small shrapnels.

This week my father needed one to seek for lost tractor part on fields. He also found tons of old tools and small parts from farm machinery.

We were thinking to do a small group-buy in our family and get one for our selves. These tested were borrowed.

I had some Garret, probably Ace 250.

I bet someone here has some serious gear and expertise.

I think we are planning to get some decent, not possibly the cheapest. Garrets were at around 250$. Is that good value or is the nest step already in thousands of bucks? (which I think is a bit too much).

No experience with one. The only time I see someone using one around here is creeping guys looking around parks and playgrounds. I am not saying you are or anything, just that I have no knowledge in this area. For you and your family it looks like you would have lots of use for one, so I would spend a bit more for a decent one. Good luck.

Ever see that metal detector show with some guy called randy savage? Maybe you’d be able to see what kind he uses, afterall…he is a professional.

American Diggers? I think most of the professional guys use homemade ones that are more sensitive, can't find any info on him though.

Huh, had no idea they did that. I suppose some welders do that, making their own rectifiers and whatnot.

I may be wrong though, I saw a different show "Meteorite Hunters" and they were using homemade ones.

I thought Randy Savage was a wrestler.

Haha, yeah he was. Now he goes around really old places, like prisons that were closed 50 years ago. And uses a metal detector to find artifacts that he sells.

I shoulda payed more attention to that show when I watched it a couple times.

Ooooohhh yeaaahhh snap into a slim jim

Randy Savage the ex-wrestler passed away last year so it can’t be the same guy unless of course the show is all re-runs.

Sorry to cheap thrills. Didn’t mean to derail your thread bro.

Hey, it’s at least more publicity for his thread. Maybe an actual hobbyist will come around if we keep it at the top eventually.

I had one years ago, a “White”, did some gold fossicking with a mate.
Found lots of nails and cans. Had more fun and luck panning and cradling.

If you’re only after ferrous metals, most will do the job.
If you’re after gold or need a more discriminating detector,
or one that will go deeper, you definitely get what you pay for.

Cheaper ones are toys.
Expensive ones are tailored tools that professionals make a living with.
Make sure you’re not oversold one with more than you need.

Your challenge will be to make it pay for itself !

I know my mom has lost a gold ring and we know roughly, that it is in 50feet radius on yard.

It would pay itself almost with that, if I get a 200-400$ one (which I probably will).

My grandfather has also lost his pocket watch when plowing fields with horse "some" decades ago.

Hey, it would be really nice to give even a try at it! That thing also, we happen to know about 300ft radius, where it is...

Not planning to do much in public places. I think I would get too much suspicious eyeing by other people haha!

These bring back good memories.

When I was a little kid I used to go down to the beach with my Granddad and he would fish for sharks.

After we packed up we would always get his metal detector and comb the beach for 20-30 mins. Most of the time we found junk but sometimes we would find gold jewelry.

I've always thought about getting one since I'm surrounded by sandy beaches but there's already a lot of guys doing it. Maybe someday when I have more time to do things for myself.

In a previous life, I built a couple of proton precession magnetometers and owned a cesium vapor magnetometer. We’re talking finding a tiny needle in a big haystack buried half way to China metal detectors. And a royal pain in the ass to use.

A friend of mine one worked on an advanced magnetometer for a space probe. Their lab was in the middle of huge field selected for its low magnetic background. The building was built without a single metal fastener. The parking lot was several hundred yards away. Metal tooth fillings were verboten. Same for paper money. And just about anything else with metal. All electronics were fastened in fixed locations and never moved.

Me and my brother in law were thinking about getting one.My neighbor came by and let us

mess around with his garret at pro on Saturday night.Threw a bunch of .45 casing and beer caps

on my lawn and searched for them.My grass hasnt been mowed in weeks so it was a blast looking

for them.from the little research ive done i think the garrets are good for the money.not too

expensive.But as far as brands I'd say whites, minelab, garret.

Metal detecting sorta spawned my flashlight collection. I have a 20 field soccer complex within walking distance and sneak in there at night during big tournaments and root around under the bleachers. My cheap Bounty Hunter and an L2 and E01 flashlights put a lot of food on the table while I was laid off for two years. And a big knife, it’s spooky out there in the dark wearing headphones. Soccer moms are crazy careless with their bling, money, car keys, phones, purses, even found a loaded Taurus 9mm still in a purse. Course it don’t take much skill or detector power for this kinda hunting but I learned exactly what that Bounty Hunter sounds like when it hits some gold laying on the ground.

There’s also a closed interstate rest stop that’s been fenced off, grown up, and forgotten about for years that’s turned up some very nice sparklies. I’m about half way through searching around about 100 picnic tables.

Location, location