Meteroer M243 manual

Hi fellow flashaholics and soon yo be flasaholics could some one please help me find the jpeg manial for the metetor i did havenit downloaded on my Old snartphone which was 3 phones back and it crashed ,i tried googling it on google and blf search engine with no luck so if someone would post the link i would be most appreciative.
Thanks all

here ya go, from Mountain Electronics:

I found the manual in pdf form:

Thanks fellas its is greatly appreciated i downloaded now i just hope i can remeber where it is on my new phone and

UI #3 is the one I use. I think the chart makes it a lot more complex than it actually is.

11 clicks and hold to enter UI3

Now you have four button presses from off:
Short press- set the level you want
Double press- set the level you want
Double press and hold on second press- set the level you want
Long press- Turbo

To set each level, do the click above that you want to set, then do a double click and hold the second click. The light will ramp up and then step down for as long as you hold the button, when you release the button, that will be the level for that button click, anywhere from 4ma to full turbo. Wait about 2 seconds on your level, then single click to off.

Do this for Short, Double press and the double press and hold to get your custom levels.

When the light is on, a single click will turn off from any level.
A double click goes up in the modes, a double click and hold goes backwards. Click and hold goes to temp turbo from any level, drops down to previous level when released.

Hope this helps…

PS if you have a periodic flash on turbo, do 12 clicks and hold to turn on or off the “warning” setting…