Mf01s problems

Hi. I recently got a mf01s and i have challenges ramping above 100 or turbo mode and tactical mode. If i do any of these modes i get a very bright flash and the flashlight turns off. No way to get it back on unless disconnecting the batteries.

Ive used keeppower 3500mah with protection and max discharge of 10A per battery. Should be sufficient. I have also calibrated the temperature sensor. What else can i try?

I’ve changed the ceiling to 145. That seems to work but also means i cannot use the turbo mode or tactical modes.

It does get hot quickly… kept it at 145 for about 30sec. Can it hold longer?

Sounds a lot like the PCB over current kicks in

The light is supposed to be run with unprotected or at lest 15A PCB

Furthermore, the Keeppower 3500 uses 10A cells, but the PCB kicks in at around 7A or 8A.

Ok. So what protected batteries can you recommend? And how big is the difference between 145-150? To be honest, the heat is already worrying at 145 so i might just not care…:slight_smile:

Acebeam and Klarus have protected above 10A



Keeppower 3000 can handle more current and should be fine. The cells are 15A rated Samsung 30Q and the PCB trips at around 20A.
I don’t think you’ll notice much difference between 145 and 150; very bright, very hot fast. :sunglasses:

Not knowing what part of the world you’re in it’s hard to recommend batteries. Being that they all run in parallel and not series unprotected matching cells can be used. I think the best for your turbo desire would be.
Samsung 30Q 18650 3000mAh 15A or LG HG2 18650 3000mAh 20A with button tops and unprotected.

I thought it was 2S2P. Nevertheless I’d use unprotected as well.

It is 2S/2P! —> matched cells

I was wrong! 2S/2P Always use matching cells (same brand, bought together and used together)