MF02 NW vs CW

How is the NW version of the MF02? Ordered three CW lately for myself, friends and neighbours and am thinking maybe one more in NW, but don't want it too yellow like my UT02. That it so yellow it could pass as a banana. I'm hoping the NW MF02 would be around 4500-5000k?

Yep. Neutral white is around 5000k.

The UT02 is around 4000k actually.

5000k is just great, then I'm good to go thanks. I didn't get that lucky with my ut02 as it ended up around 3000K but probably not even that.

It’s strange, because my UT02 NW version has 4326K (my measurement). The fact that it is a bit warmer than my other 5000K flashlights but not yellow. In my opinion, it has a very good white quality with quite a lot of red. You can see it nicely on my chart:

Astrolux MF02 is supposedly 4500K, but I do not have this flashlight so I can not confirm with my own measurements.

Deleted my post by mistake! Will take a wall shot tonight so anyone that is interested can see how yellow my uto2 is. My guess is 3000k max. Not a nice yellow too. It's almost like they pulled the emitter from the dollar store.

My MT35 NW is warmer than my 4000k lights. Im guessing 3700k. Looks good though.a

This is the comparison on the white wall. I will just add that it is actually even better. The more that UT02 in the picture was on low brightness, and it is known that the more shines the more the color becomes colder.


Those are outstanding comparisons! Did you use Daylight white balance?

I suggest you be sure to either specify daylight white balance in a single beam photo

or if you use auto white balance, shoot 3 beams at a time, so there is relative difference to compare. One of the 3 beams needs to be CW so the camera sets its white balance to it.

fwiw, even very yellow beams, during the day, will look fine when your brain is adapted to full darkness, or to incandescent light (3000k). And, one of the easiest ways to figure out if your light is 3000k, is to shine it on a ceiling, next to an incandescent lamp.

Jon_slider, excellent idea. I just shinned my ut02 on the ceiling next to an incandescent lamp and in fact the incandescent lamp is more yellow! Just by looking at the comparison on the ceiling, I would say my uto2 is about 3500k. Can't believe I was so far off in my guessing. I was convinced it was under 3000k but no way after this test. Thanks for that method of comparison

Of course, WB set to 5000K. Photo taken with a mirror and in RAW.

I think it’s rather warmer light than neutral white according to that review. I also have this NW version and when I compare it to my 5000k flashlight it’s definitely warmer maybe 5c.