Microsoft Unveils InstaLoad Battery Installation Technology ...

... That Allows Batteries to Be Inserted in Either Direction.

REDMOND, Wash. July 1, 2010 Microsoft Corp. today announced a new technology aimed at improving the battery installation process called InstaLoad battery installation technology, which allows users to easily install a battery without regard to positive and negative polarity. Never again will people have to squint to see battery installation diagrams — the device simply works regardless if the battery is installed positive-side-up or positive-side-down. InstaLoad is a patented battery contact design now available for license by third-party device suppliers, with companies like Duracell already lining up to endorse the technology for use in their own products.


Sounds like a great idea - unless it gets too bulky. My camera could certainly do with this - took me several hours to find the polarity markings when I got it.

Laughing Same here Don. I finally got tired of straining my eyes for the polarity markings that I marked it with a sharpie.