Might be posting a review or two...

I actually cannot believe I was not able to just log into this forum and was completely convinced I had joined years and years ago, but it seems not.

Normally I just plough right in when first joining a forum, but decided to post a quick introduction.

A large part of my activities as a gear enthusiast now revolve around photographing, testing and writing reviews of lights, knives, bags etc. It has grown into something more than I was expecting. I originally found forums after looking for information and reviews, and wanted to give back to this hugely valuable source of information and discussion.

So if I pop a polished review into the forum, I’m posting this first to say that I am not a shill and can happily provide links to all of my independent reviews.

It looks like a great place here, and I’m hoping my posts will we of use to the community.

EDIT: Fingers crossed I’ve now fixed this post with HTML instead of BB Code.

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Thanks for joining here Subwoofer, welcome to BLF

It looks like something is not working in the above post, and I'm not the expert on the editor but I'm sure you will get it done :-)

edit: you fixed it :-)

Welcome Subwoofer!
Nice see you here!! :smiley:

You're going to love it here, Subwoofer!

Welcome aboard. As you’ve probably already noticed, no bbcode support here. BLF uses Textile Markup for posting, or you can use HTML.

nice to meet you subwoofer and looking forward to reading your reviews. assuming you know a fair bit about audio/car hifi/subwoofers :wink: please feel to free to share good links and reviews in relevant car threads too (we don’t have any car sub-forums but there are a few car related topics)

Welcome to BLF Subwoofer.
I do enjoy your reviews of flashlights, knives, etc over at CPF or your FB page

welcome to BLF!

mark and copy your reviews shown as html on other sites
on BLF klick “input format”
change to advanced post editor

usually a bit tweaking needed, but most things work fine that way :wink:

Thanks for the warm welcome

As it happens my username comes from the first forum I joined which was a hifi/car audio forum. As a holiday job when at university I used to write for CarHiFi magazine (a UK based magazine from the 1990s), reporting on installs and doing tests on head-units, amps and speakers.

Now it is less appropriate as I’m focussed on non-audio related gear, but it has stuck and I’ve kept it for consistency.

Thanks for confirming.

Great tip, and I read this just after updating my original post having done just what you suggest.

Another cpf oldie joining us here. :slight_smile: Hello Subwoofer!

Good to see you there :slight_smile: If I recall correctly, you did a Fenix BC30 review and got me totally sold on it :smiley:

Hey! Less of the ‘oldie’ :stuck_out_tongue:

The doctor I saw yesterday called me young :wink: (perhaps only in relation to the majority of his patients).

Well it is a cracking light that BC30. I’ve got the BC30R on my test bench right now :wink: