Miller ML101

I bought some Miller ML101 ( V6.0 ) charger, but charge the batteries only to 4.08 volts (the light turns green); you can modify it to load at least 4.15 volts?

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No, you can not modify it (or any real li-ion charger) to change the termination / end voltage.

Thanks for reminding me function, “search”; but 225,000 results are not a solution. Then I looked for: - Miller “ML101” modify - but I found only one message, my.

Thank you, I will use them with their characteristics.

Who did you buy from? Link?
Often they will specify the termination voltage range. And you may be able to get a refund or partial refund.

4.08 volts is rather low. Below normal specs. The usual range is within 1% of 4.20v (4.158v - 4.242v) or 1.5% (4.137v - 4.263v). 4.08v is perfectly safe, of course, and will even reduce wear on your batteries but most people want closer to 4.2v.

You’re sure your multimeter is giving an accurate reading?

To calibrate my (six) multimeters I brought a battery 18650 in two laboratories of electronics and I did make the measure of the voltage, the difference between the two laboratories was 0,002volt, I averaged and then I calibrated multimeters on that voltage.
the Chargers I bought them from Gearbest the Declared Accuracy is 1% [“Charge accuracy: (4.2 ± 1pct) V”] and, of course, is not met, but I do not know if I will ask refund or other, perhaps I give these chargers to the women (four) in my home, so they will be safe from overvoltage, even if they are leaving charging some days :open_mouth:

I have several ML-102 ranging from version 5 to 9, and all of them charge to above 4.15V.

Also have a ML-101 on the way, I can confirm it when it arrives. The termination voltage can’t be changed because the charge is controlled by a single chip. What battery are you using?

I have the same problem, bought 3 miller chargers, all terminate at 4.04V to 4.11V. the best thing to do is probably buy a better charger

Let me guess: You measure the voltage after the charge is terminated.

That do not give the charge voltage, but it a combination of charge voltage, termination current and used battery.

You might be able to adjust reduce the charge and termination current, this will give higher final voltage (And longer charge time).

I also have two ML102, and works fine, but this time I did not need even the “power bank” and so I bought the ML101. The batteries that I tried on the charger are not protected (ML101 is “short” and do not enter the protected, unless you make a modify).
The batteries are from a power-pack of a PC and I also tried a Samsung ICR18650 26F with the same results.

Update: I have “persuaded” a EagleTac 2500mAh (protected) to enter the ML101 charger and was charged to 4.13 volts; I can not understand the “nature” (and features) of ML 101