Mini Battery charger

After seeing this on CPF i had a look over on ebay to see if there was anything available cheaper and this is what i found, what do you think !

CPF $20

Ebay version £3.00

I like it......but why dont you just get a regular lithium charger......with that one you need a usb output all the time just to charge cells......not economic at all.

Saves leaving a computer on. Lots of phone chargers these days have USB sockets.

I have a USB socket in the car which provides power. Could be handy for charging stuff in the car. At £3/$5 it is cheaper than most.

If you have to leave a computer on, then certainly not economic to use.

if you have an iphone you can use its charger !!! or like Don said for the car is ideal

Well if you get it let us know how it goes......its small and might just come in handy but for me not very useful.