Mini Mag DIY mod guide

Pictures are back ! anyhow did this a long time ago , and then gave the light away , simple cheap MM upgrade ...

Sorry , on the other forum [ the one we cant talk about ]

Thanks for the link! Great mod instructions!

I did not know that you can direct drive an LED with two AAs (as I don't know many other things).

I modded a Mag 3D and am very satisfied with the result but my old and battered MiniMag which I refused to recycle because of nostalgic reasons has been just lying around for years. Could just not imagine how to fit a driver in there, and now you tell me I don't need it!

Will try your mod asap, thank you again!

I second the thanks.

this is a nice mod, but a minimag doubles as a laser pointer much better.

AA's may be cheap, but they just dont perform for their size.

im partial to 18650 and Cr123a

The trick here is to get more light , for very little $ invested in a upgrade .. So for the price of a LED ... You can build a nice custom DIY

Thanks again, old4570!

I am now the proud owner of a XP-G R5 (or so it's labeled at DX) MiniMag!

Old4570, could this be done with the 3AA miniMag as well? I have a XPG-R5 lying around as well

Voltage voltage voltage , its a safe mod with 2xAA , but 4.5v , if you could squeeze in a resistor to drop the voltage ..

+ Heat , overdriving the emitter will make it hot . real hot . And plastic does not offer the best heatsinking , so quite a few issues would come to mind ..

1/ Killing the emitter

2/ Melting the plastic parts

This is a great 2AA mod as the emitter is so under driven that it does not get very hot , but still puts out about the same light as the LED Mini mag , if not more with a XP-G ..

My LED mini mag has been moded to XP-E Q5 , and puts out about double what the original did .

Its up to you , but I would seriously put in a resistor , if I was going to try it with a 3xAA minimag .

Thank you for sharing, the process is very detailed