mini mini monster light options

Hi guys, looking for some advice here. I might be asking for the impossible and I’m sure you will let me know! Anyway, I am looking for a compact light with high lum output. 2-3k+ lm. I have the Emisar D4 and D4S and love them, but a little cautious about using them for EDC. Otherwise the D4 is so perfect for my needs…just that little heat issue. I also have a Sofirn SP36 that is a too large for EDC obviously, and a Fireflies E07 which I’m not sure about using for EDC (thoughts?).

Here is my dream list:

1) 18650 or 26350 battery
2) 2000+ lm
3) 5000k color or warmer
4) Safe for EDC if possible
5) Cool design
6) Cost is not a major restriction but not excessive

Anyway, Thanks for your ideas.

Just to make sure, you did mean to type 26350, right? That is a cell size, but it’s very uncommon.

I EDC my D4 quite easily, I turn the clip so the button isnt in line with my hip or pocket lining and have the clip reversed so its head up in my pocket. It does bump on occasionally but I try to remember not to leave it in turbo and Im always mindfull its there and checking it often hahaha

Could always lock out the D4 by loosening the tail cap slightly.

Plus if you want super compact get a 18350 tube

You will have similar heat issue with 2000 lumens as with D4, just few seconds later. Host in this size would do ~600 lumens on a long run. May be D4 Xpl-Hi with Samsung 35E or Sanyo GA will not heat that fast? Otherwise Astrolux S41S might be your answer - tail clicky and some lumens.

I did yes, just give an idea of another option that looked interesting.

The Haikelite SCwhatever? Li’l Fatso, by nickname.

Takes a 26350 with the shorty tube.

Ain’t got any, just tossing it out there.

Zebralight SC600w IV Plus

  • 2200 lumen output
  • Excellent heat management - better than Emisar.
  • Efficient driver
  • Unlikely to accidentally turn-on in pocket due to recessed button.

Fitorch P25 –26350 battery 3000lm
Astrolux S43S - 18350 battery - 2100lm

PL47 is as "long" as the P25 ;)

Hmm. Decisions, decisions. Thanks guys.

Small × high lumens = heat

No way around it.

You have to accept less lumens or go bigger with the light.

Im loving my E07 but it’s in the large end of edc. Massive output if needed, but modest with good run time and less heat up. I’m going to put the 2 way olight h2r clip on it for better pocket clip options. The included clip is very limited because of the larger head and isn’t capable of head up pocket carry

FW3A ??

With a few mods & a little care the D4 can be edc worthy.

What saved my D4.

1. cutting the nub off the bottom of the switch boot. Makes it a little harder to activate but reduces pocket activation some.

2. clip orientation. Basically point the switch somewhere its less likely to get pressed.

Above 2 things helped greatly with pocket activation. I am at zero after several days carry.

I have also done a driver swap and UI adjustments to give 500ish regulated lumens at the ceiling. And lockout uses the last light level. I have a 70ish lumens white momentary (squeeze light), for those short needs. Having to tail cap lockout a EDC light is just wrong.