Mini rebuild of Tangsfire TS-2010 from tmart

Never intended to get one of these as I’m not into throwers but when it popped up on offer at $9.90 I could hardly say no now could I.

1st thing I noticed was a rattle which I assumed was the 26650-18650 tube which it half was as the pill was also loose and rattling .

Looking over the light the finish is ok, up close there are a few sub 1mm dings on the head area but nothing to see at a normal distance.

Stripping the light finds all the o-rings present but all the threads are dry, the reflector had a good bit of (thankfully) loose dust on it so it was easily blown off.

The pill had metal shaving in it and some large bits of drill swarf ready to fall off which is not great.

Driver was an east-092

Quick check with everything stock I got 2.2A at the tail

After changing the wires to 20awg and then again to 24awg as 20awg was too thick, resoldering the driver spring and re pasting the star which was glued unevenly, I still get 2.2A :frowning: guess my east 92 driver is not one of the good ones.

So I took the 6x 7135 Nanjg 105c driver out of my 502b stuck on 2 more chips and then stacked another 2 to up the output and now I get 3.4a at the tail so much better and I can ditch the flashy modes :slight_smile:

No driver retaining ring any more as the 7135 chips get in the way so I used a bit of desoldering braid on one edge of the pcb to make it a tight fit so the driver stayed put.

Have to say I rather like it, didn’t think I would but I quite enjoyed playing about with it and am already thinking of modifying it to improve the beam and stack a few more 7135 chips and maybe stick in an XM-l2, but that can wait till summer is over and darkness starts to return.

Fun mod. Always great to have an inexpensive light with possibilities.
What’s the beam like? Hot spot? Any rings?

at $9.90 ?!? :open_mouth:

Wow, what an annoying price! :stuck_out_tongue:
Any link worth mentioning?

beam is a bit ringy which is why I’d like to improve that if I can but to be honest you don’t really see it in normal use so I’m not in any rush to sort it.

did post it at the time but there was only 1 left so as you’d imagine it didn’t last long.

I saw the $9.90 price on my phone, IN stock, ran to the computer and it was already sold out. :slight_smile:

Your FET was the 06N03, which should be the good one. I wonder why it pulled only 2.2A.

I wonder what gauge the wires were from the driver to the emitter

A few simple “tweaks” help these things pull better current…

If it still has trouble…the OSHPark FET driver might be a good route to go

What does the centering ring look like on the emitter, does it have a high shelf around the dome, if it does that might result in ringyness

Pretty cool review…need some beam shots :smiley:

Oh wow…you did change out the wires, odd, not good when you can’t push 3A out of a East-92, darn

Congrats on the score. Nice review and mod.