[Mini Review] Energizer 1w Tactical [no pic yet]

Energizer 1w Tactical

pic will go here (cant find my gfs camera)

Price Paid: $14.99
Where: Target
Lumens: 45 ANSI
Reflector: Light OP
Lens: Plastic
Warranty: Limited Lifetime


  • Tail Stands
  • Pocket Clip
  • Warranty
  • Smooth Beam
  • Nice Neutral Tint


  • Had to search for good centered LED
  • Tail stand is a little wobbly, but not too bad
  • $15 can get you a lot more, if you dont consider Energizers warranty

First Impressions:

This light has good machining, no tool marks. Lettering is even and centered. Tail cap has clean feeling threads and o ring. Poket clip feels sturdy, but wish it was reversible. Lens up is not good for me since the lens will be exposed to welding spatter and slag.

The LED in mine is practically perfectly centered, but I also looked through about 6 and picked the best. Some were pretty off. The tint of the LED is pretty neutral I would say, but Im no expert. The tint is on par with my iNova x03, which most all of the rest of my lights are noticeable cooler tint when compared to it

The body has large "knurling", and the tail cap has vertical grooves cut into it. The tail cap is a forward clicky, with one lanyard hole in it. It came with a lanyard, but Im not a fan of them so it got removed and placed with the other 5 or so.

So far, Im pretty impressed with it. I like Energizers warranty. 45 lumens is not outrageous, but it is useful in most situations.

pics will be added tonight probably

also, I have not tried a li ion battery, yet... will see if i do

I have the RiverRock 1watt that i have had for four years now, dont know the lumen rating but i am now running a 14500 AW cell in it, way brighter when you compare it to using alkies or nimh. Target has a good return policy so if you plan on doing this then keep your reciept and say that it was dead on opening the package if you fry the light.

Classic, good to see you don't work in retail.

Lol i know right.......well i just had to try, wanted a better output when the light came on and i am glad that it has been running for this long.

i tried my 10440s, aaa size but they run my rc-c6 aa... no go. either they arent making good connection, or the light has protection built in. i am getting some 14500s soon so ill try those too

ps: i do have the receipt still lol

Which is good, just remember they have a 30 day return policy, and most of the time they will not ask you what was wrong with the light, they will just ask if you want cash back or a trade lol.