[mini review] My first YLP flashlights first unboxing video (Unicorn and Panda 3R)

Hello everyone!
I saw that YLP flashlights probably will be good for me but I just bought a Unicorn and a Panda 3R not long ago. I am using them for a few days now and in the first 2-3 days I found many useful features in them and I got good surprises. Oh and I didn’t got these lights for free review. I bought them from my money so this is completely honest first try.
Here is my unboxing video and a little beam compare outside with my car headlights.
Enjoy it!

I will make soon deeper reviews of them but in separate videos because it is so much to talk about the user interface of both especially the Unicorn.
I think I will have some YLP flashlights in the future :smiley:

Thanks for the review.
I think I need a 7th headlamp now. :person_facepalming:

I know.
This was the 8th for me :person_facepalming:

Thank you for your wonderful review!
I was amazed by how quickly and easily you can feel specifics of the beams, and then manage to capture them in your video!

I’ve seen so many reviews where people just declare that “oh, the video does not reflect how this light actually looks like, so listen I will describe it in words”.
While you can show the specifics of the lights visually by simply adjusting direction of the beam and changing picture area. :+1:

Thank you very much!

Sometimes it is hard to compare a weak light to a much more powerful one because fixed exposure is not good for that. Your eye adjust for much higher brightness and fixed exposure adjust nothing. But auto exposure adjust too much. So that’s why I try to compare flashlights in one shot with not too much output difference and with fixed exposure. It gives much realistic video. So you can compare a 500 lumens and 1500 lumens flashlight but not a 500 with 5-6000 or more.

I hv the Unicorn otw to me, looking forward to getting it. I think it’s a nice light except for the aggressive knurling. For the UI, does it hv shortcut to low, turbo and current mode? Can it be programmed to tactical mode?

short click on-off to memorized level
double click turbo from anywhere
long click start from lowest and ramps up or jumping up modes if you using discrete modes
If you set up like that you can have mode memory OFF option. It uses the last mode the light was used when mode memory was last time on. So if you like to start on 100-200 lumens with short click every time, just ramp there and turn off mode memory. I will make a deeper video with more firmware talk :wink:

Tactical mode is available as well.

Yes. Forgot that. I don’t really use tactical mode.