Mini Test/review of HLY 26650 5000mAh

All text was translated by google translator, I do not speak English.

The battery was purchased at Bangood along with the Astrolux MF01 Mini.

I will not put graphics.

I have no link with any store or manufacturer, the tested product was purchased with its own money.

Name 26650 Lithium Battery
Brand HLY
Voltage 3.7V
Capacity 5000mAh
Material ternary material
Charging time >1500
charge current 0.5C
Discharge current 3C
Charging voltage 4.2V
Standard voltage 3.7v
Factory voltage 3.8~3.9V
Internal resistance ≤22 mΩ
Weight 93 ±3g

Test 15 amp Discharge

The battery was discharged and charged at 0.5 amps and a value of 5638 mah was found.
mR 0.22/0.18
Temp Max 74c (Measured at the hottest point) 69c (In average) / Temp Ambient 30c
14.67 Wh

To my understanding, the battery meets the specification.


I added the photo.


Tudor bem JEK! I also have these batteries coming soon. Looks like Superman battery. :slight_smile:

Tudo bem! :slight_smile:

I hope that all cells have the same quality.