Mini video review Sacredfire NF-555

Here is my short video review of the sacredfire NF-555 from DX.

It's my very first flashlight review so comments are always welcome

(but keep in mind that i'm having exams right now so the reason for the review not being very thorougly should be obvious.. :d )

Hope you enjoy!

Is it chemistry you are studying? That seems to be a periodic table on the table top. I used to teach chemistry.

Jup i'm following biochemistry engineer ;-)

Wednesday i have molecular biology exam.

DNA transcription, translation, replication, amino acids and proteïns and determining the amino acid sequence in proteïns: isolation of mRNA, transposon mutagenese, PCR and so on ;)

When I was a chemist, they were just inventing molecular biology - my university (Edinburgh) launched the course around the time I graduated. Which will be 30 years ago next year...

I'm also a chemist, but retired. Spent a number of years at Applied Biosystems doing protein sequencing and DNA sequencing (also at Illumina).

Good luck, it's an exciting field with boundless potential to help our future well being.


Welcome Sam, good to have you here.

Welcome sam. Enjoy the stay.

Aloha and welcome to BLF changsn!

Thanks for the video KDLST, sometimes they're better than a bunch of pictures and graphs in reviewing a flashlight.

Btw, Welcome Changsn!

Thanks KDLST for the review! Did you know you can embed Youtube videos here? Like this:

And welcome Sam to BLF! Feel free to share your expertise with us! Enjoy your time here.

Yeah, flashlight chemistry NiMh, NiCd, Li-ion... What about the link you bought this light from? Nice review.

Yea i tried to embed it but it didn't work.. i took the link from youtube which said embed and pasted it here but then

my post just showed a bunch of text and no video embed... what did i do wrong?

bought it from dealextreme ;)

You can just copy the Youtube URL itself, like and paste it into the Flash video link field. That's all, it somehow figures out the rest.

Looks like a nice copy of the extreme .all it's missing is

Unique Infinitely Variable Digital-controlled Brightness System
Two-stage memory function, can be switched easily
Built in CREE R2 WC high efficiency LED (Light Emitting Diodes)
Maximum output 220 lumens
Prominent runtime
Tactical forward clicky switch
Battery Reverse-Polarity Protection
Anti-rolling rugged design
Bezel down clips
Metal reflector
Impact-resistant optical window with anti-reflective coating
Made from military grade aluminum alloy, really strong
Compact size and light weight, suitable for EDC (every day carry)
Mil-spec Type III Hard Anodized finish
Resistance to impact by dropping according to US MIL-STD-810F
Waterproof to IPX-8 standard
"SF" E serial body compatible

but it's 40~55$ cheaper too.

Wow it really does look exactly the same :d


I almost bought one until I saw this:

Color: titanium