miniature hi hats based on Cree XML

I designed these little nuggets as an alternative to halogen hi hats.

They operate on low voltage DC and produce very little heat.

The build-in PTC provides short circuit protection as well as a thermal cutoff.

The current is set to 350mA. This isn’t much for a Cree XML. I’m sure everyone at BLF knows they can take up to 3 AMPS!!

The low current means they operate at very high efficiency and will last many years.

I have a bunch of them. if anyone is interested let me know. The PCB is available through OSH Park.

Very cool stuff you did there.

Very nice! I like that a lot!

Very cool build.
Is this acrylic class? Do you sell the glass too?
Please tell more about the electronics you used, I can’t see any detail…?

should this go in the commercial sellers spot?

a noctigon or a sinkpad will move the heat more efficiently, but lacks the PTC protection. That heatsink is cool though.

The XM-L series has been pushed past 7A, BTW.

If someone buys one ill put it in the commercial sellers spot. Haha. In the past 3 years I have sold one thing from the website. Literally one.

These little gems do have a thermal connector. Its better than a sinkpad!

check it…

Respectfully, that is not true. The sinkpads and noctigons are either solid aluminum or copper, directly connected to the led thermal pad. And it has far better thermal dissipation than a small brass plug.

That is gold plated copper. It is soldered directly to the thermal pad of the LED through a plated Via in the PCB.

What makes it better than a sinkpad is the mechanical connector. The ability to drive a screw directly into the connector, and “pull” it forcefully against the heatsink is difficult to match with a sinkpad.

The resistance of TCAP-4325 is less than 2 degrees C per watt. Experimental data and application notes are provided in the datasheet.

It looks like a very nice light, how many amps can you run each XM-L chip?

Thank you.

0.35 Amps

The heatsink “comfortably” dissipates around 1 watt of heat.

(2.9V * 0.35A = 1watt)

I have 0.35 amp resettable fuses on them now, but theres no reason they cant take more power with a bigger heatsink, or at a higher temperature. The XML is rated for up to 3 Amps!

They work nicely at 0.35Amps though. Luke warm and very bright.

I was hoping for about 1.25A each, leading to about 1500 lumens from 3 or about one 100W light bulb, would that require a much larger heatsink?

How much would one of these lights cost?

Apologies, I missed that it was copper. I would want to see a side by side comparison before I reach any conclusions though.

The more I look at it, the more I see each option has its own strengths and weaknesses.

I might have to find a use eventually for a few of those heatsinks though, they look a lot nicer than the generic ones. I see a remote phosphor plan already forming…

Is the price for this, minus the penny?

Or is it all this, including the rod?

The Cree site has some recommendations on heat sinks for their modules.

An example:
30W convection cooled is about dia 3.5” x 1.5” tall

I don’t need that, i would need about 10W of cooling

Bandsaw! 3 in 1 :slight_smile:

Very awesome! Quite “modern ” looking

Any interest in sending one out to a member for testing / review?

Very cool!

I don’t do reviews but I’d like to volunteer, I’m setup to test output vs. temp (again for personal use, I haven’t done a review before) but I would for one of these.

What does the light under the unit look like? Have you considered diffuser film/roughing the surface?

I agree its close as far as performance. What I love about PowerPeg is powerpeg+oshpark. :smiley: