mIRC, Anyone ever go onboard back in the day?

I remember all the tons of different rooms they had. And the different servers like Undernet and EFnet, Plus the netsplits and arguing with opers. Ahhh good times!

IRC is still alive and kicking, the ##flashlight channel is one of the best on freenode.

Yeah no I still go there. It’s still alive and around but not like it was before. It’s got a place today still though.
Looks like ##flashlight is private. :smiley: Are you a Op or Sysop in ##flashlight?

I am not a mod or anything, but I just joined a while ago and it kept working. didn’t know it was private or anything.

mIRC. lol. :smiley:


Oh okay and sounds like a fun channel. Will try next time to join. Meanwhile I’ll check out the Reddit address. :slight_smile:

Ah, the internet. Where the men are men, the women are men, and the kids are FBI agents.

Haha yeah good times huh!: Like #allnitecafe, #Family_Chat, #casual etc. :smiley:

But in reality, it’s much much more that chat. You could go where few have gone before. :slight_smile:


p=pictures? :D