Missed the DD Sunwayman V10A group buy? Good for you!!

Now you can get Sunwayman V10A for $50.15

Just add to cart and apply coupon code BLACK2S (Valid until Oct 23th 23:59 PST)

I already got my V10A from the group buy (for $55.16) and I'm very pleased with it. Highly recommended.

That's really tempting but I don't want to be a member of Dinos Club ;)

DINO2011AU01(10$ off in order of 50$ or more) that is an old coupon code and was able of give more discount of the group deal... DD is a crazy site.. in a bad way

You don't have to be a member of Dino's Club to use that code.

What am I missing that makes a cree r5 at 140 lumens a good buy for $50? Lol

The difference between China Lumens and Ansi Lumens? Haha. No but seriously the selector ring is an awesome concept.

For me it was:
- great build quality
- infinitely variable output with the magnificent magnetic selector ring
- ultra low low

You are right, since for 70 bucks shipped you can have the Sunwayman V20C (same infinitely variable selector ring system) and also a "free" R01A.

But then the V20C is huge as it's a 18650 light.

But for those who are really into well made EDCs/small lights then this V10A/V10R is very very good.

+same here for me.

Output is about twice that on a lithium-ion battery.

$45.91 with Thanksgiving discount. Automatically gives discount when you add to cart. http://www.dinodirect.com/shoppingcart.cfm?cur=USD#mycarttip

That's an amazing price. This light is $80 at most dealers.

Yeah too bad its the begining of the month..Mortgage time :-(


$45.91 with Thanksgiving discount. Automatically gives discount when you add to cart. [/quote]

WTF man...that is seriously tempting me! :D

So you can't say that DD is all that bad. All my 3 lights have been great (just follow the GBs)

M20C also not too bad, usd53. I added to Cart and there is no shipping cost (though pdt page has shipping cost). Be mindful before PP Send Money (as per standard common sense, pls don't blame DD for that).

Should be more or less the same throw as the V20C, but just a somewhat smaller hotspot and dimmer spill.

There is a M20C T5 NW, $66 shipped registered air mail from Andy of Ebay Olightworld (and Taobao)


Too bad M20C isn’t infinitely variable. Otherwise I would be seriously tempted.


$57.69 and -$10 with Coupon code Xmas10 = $47.69

Way cheaper than our group buy!