Mod STL-V6?

So, I thought I would throw this out there. Could be fun. I’ve got a FandyFire STL-V6. I found out that I’m terrible at soldering and making electronics work. I’ve got a couple of de-domed led’s on noctigons and a driver that should work. Anybody want a project? I Would love for my light to work again and maybe even be an awesome thrower. I’m sort of new at this flashlight thing…as you can probably tell.

If anyone is up for a project, I’ll pay shipping both ways and a reasonable price. Takers?

- Steven

That is a nice looking light… I would have a go at it for you, but I have not done any multicell lights… There are many here who have, just hang tight someone will speak up.

Anyone have thoughts on where/who to have modify an existing light? Would I be better off just ditching this one and starting over/buying a new thrower?

Pm me. I am interested.

I’d be interested as a backup but I’d like to know what you’re looking for. I don’t have a bunch of drivers on hand, and I don’t like to make people wait. Lmk if lightgecko changes his mind, or feel free to keep looking, no pressure either way :slight_smile:

I’ve gotten a really cool reception from you guys through private messages. Good advice and an offer to mod my light. Very cool forum. Thanks, all!!