Mod: Zoomie with MT-G2

Wow, I’ve never seen so much rust :open_mouth:

Very nice stuff. Someday I swear I will start buying soldering tools and TRY to start modding.

Great picture! Is it a coal mine? So those carts will never come out of there anymore!

How do you guys solder those 7135 chips to the board? Is it complicated?

Btw, awesome pic!


I do. My main interest is climbing but I do have a soft spot for abandoned places, especially old abandoned mines.

It was a mine for iron ore. Those carts will never move again… unless an unlucky explorer would happen to trip over this nearby pile perhaps:


In my case I use hot air soldering to solder on all chips (MCU, resistors, capacitors) on to the board. If you want to solder chips on top of existing chips you need to “stack” them. I’ve done stacking, but I hate it. In all my later builds I use my own driver designs so I do not have to stack. It’s not complicated but I find it frustrating those times it doesn’t go smoothly. Here are some tips on stacking: (Video by OldLumens) (Video by RMM)

Don’t bother trying without flux.

Thanks man. I’ll keep this in my subscriptions for the time I actually will get my hands dirty! Gonna watch the 2 vids at home. Should be very instructive.

Hi Mike C. Does 18650 batteries also fit loose in the tube? Does it come with a 18650 adapter to give a tight fit? Thanks!

Those zoomies came with an adapter tube, so fitting was fine.

Thanks, appreciated. Will get one to play with then… :wink:

Holy @#$%!! I’d be sweating if I had to wade/walk next to that!

Awesome pictures. Mines are dangerous places, stay safe!

Thanks :slight_smile: I try to be as safe as possible, gotta be on your toes in these places.

sorry guys. I’m here for the pictures :slight_smile:

I upload some every now and then to this thread: Exploration photos with my flashlights
I just added two for ya :slight_smile:

Hi Mike

I bought one of these lights some time ago from Fasttech… I really liked it, but I could not get the switch disassembled for modding. I had to eventually break it apart and kind of messed up the light. I’m not sure if these lights come with different switch assemblies? Can you maybe take a photo or 2 of your switch assembly and if possible show it dissembled? I’ve already discarded my light, it was kind of useless after messing up the switch assembly, but, I’d like to give the light another go if I can sort out the switch issue. I think it has potential…


Will do. I’m at work right now (10am) so I’ll do this tonight. There could be differences with the switch assemblies between the FastTech and Banggood versions also, as there are quite a few differences. I’ll take a few photos of ’em both.

Thanks Mike…

i have a couple of those zoomies as well, might have bought them from banggood, not sure. one has a hollow pill.
great mod anyway, and it looks like a great driver!
looked at several of your albums at flickr, quite fascinating with the old and abandoned places there!


I haven’t worked on these kind of lights much lately, my ATtiny84 projects have taken all “light” time, but I have a new design laying around waiting for it’s turn.