Modded Eagletac M25C2 Turbo

I recently modded an Eagletac M25C2 Turbo with a fet+1 and a dedomed XM-L2 U4 1A on a 14mm sinkpad. A reddit r/flashlight member asked if I would send him the light to test. Here are the results. I didn’t think it would throw that far. I’m kind of impressed…yes, I’m gloating…

Crazy number for sure. I wish someone would make a host with this sized reflector and 3P or 4P 18650’s. I guess the Courui mods are as close as we come to that currently.

Nicely done!

That is impressive!! Don’t blame you, I’d be “gloating” too……… :+1:

That is one seriously powerful reach-out-and-touch somebody single cell “Plunger” light. I’ve recently bought an Olight M2X-UT Factory Dedomed light for my father (wanted serious throw but compactness, single 18650 or 2x cr123a’s) after misplacing his Solarforce Masterpiece Pro-1 on a Solarforce L2T host, I got him years ago. The Eagletac mentioned here was an option but price was a little too high (The Olight was found for on sale for $60… PM me for the website).

They already did that m8…its just 200$…TN 42…I guess it will nuke everything in existance when DDed XPL modded

haha there you go. It doesn’t even enter my consciousness if it’s over like $75. I still don’t understand the draw of the XHP35, other than the low amp/high volt efficiency thing. For max throw dedomed XP-L still seems best.

Well its has a 200mm reflector, and its in the M25C2 Turbo price range: i do expect a mill from this one

XHP35 would be good enough if they made it a 6v chip( as i expect lately this year or maybe early 2017)

You could make 500k with 1508 too and its way cheaper

The TN42 has a 100mm reflector, the M25C2 Turbo has a 92mm reflector.